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    Quote Originally Posted by JSwan View Post
    These threads always remind me that I need to order some wool breeches from them. It's difficult to find the flared britches these days and I prefer them for foxhunting. A friend has a pair of the wool elastique and loves them. I haven't seen anyone wearing the cotton britches. I'd be interested in those for cubbing since it can be pretty warm. Do you know if they are good quality?

    Note to the COTH readership - it is 100% appropriate and customary for a servicemember to hunt in his/her mounted uniform. So, come foxhunting!
    I think they are closing out the OD enlisted breeches. I've got two pair of the officer's breeches (the "pinks"; not be confused with foxhunting "pinks" ). I wear them as my normal, winter riding breeches. They are comfortable, durable, and warm. Put a pair of Cabelas silk "long handles" under them an you can easily go into the 20's comfortably.

    When we were members of our local hunt I wore them as my standard breeches.

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    He will be preparing for a horse show at some point in the future when time allows. He also wants to fox hunt.

    Quote Originally Posted by SLW View Post
    Is he reenacting or preparing for a regular, modern horse show??? If it is the latter look up Fort Leavenworth Hunt and ask them. I've hunted with them through the years and have seen men hunting in dress uniforms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mypaintwattie View Post
    Im trying to get DH on my horse, he's an Engineer. My brother is a Cav Scout and keeps saying he wants to get on my horse just to take a picture with his stetson and saber.
    It started out the same with my boyfriend... he got on my horse and was actually very relaxed and balanced and was just a natural... so now he wants to continue riding when he has time (currently, he's pretty busy and halfway across the country from me ) so once I graduate and move up there he will ride more.

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    Fort Riley has The Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard. They wear Civil War / Plains Indian Wars (not sure of the correct terminology) cavalry uniforms. There should be a link on the Fort Riley website. You might want to give them a call to find out where they get their uniforms. If you can't find the number, PM me. The Fort Riley museum has a lot of cool saddles and tack from back in the day.

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