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    Oct. 13, 2003

    Default quartermarks on racehorses

    spin off of the braiding thread, I guess

    I haven't seen many lately, you know - like the checkerboard on the rump. Do you like them? horses don't react funny to them, do they? any trainers still do them?


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    Jul. 27, 2007
    Central Kentucky


    Roger Attfield does them. Maybe Josie Carroll, too, I can't remember. Do they 'react funny' to them? I guess it's easier to put them on some horses than others. Beyond that, they're fine.

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    Jan. 18, 2010


    Our trainer often does them. I like to see them, think they look nice.

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    Jun. 16, 2012


    As a racing fan I personally love it when I see little details like these, that and when you see trainers/jockeys/grooms rubbing a horse's neck, or talking to them, or anything like that!
    Just the fact that the groom, or trainer, took those extra couple minutes with the horse of their day, shows me that they're not all in it for the money, or that they're conscious of the way they're horses look.
    I also love when you're at a track and you can hear the groom or handler talking to the horse in the paddock, especially a first starter.
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    A friend of ours did tiger stripes on his filly's rump a couple years ago. It looked So. Cool. My sister wanted to glitter one of ours last summer. (And braid his mane.) Trainer said hell no.
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    Wish I knew, but the journey is interesting


    Many, many, if not most races in the UK give prizes to the lads (grooms) for 'best turned out' so there is a lot of attention given to quarter marks and plaiting of the horses.

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    I have fleur de lis's on my silks and want to have a quartermark sheet made up with the same design. I'll wait until we win before I present that to my trainer...I see him rolling his eyes now

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