Gus is a 16yo, 16H Appendix who has competed in eventing, hunters, gone on hunter paces, and hacks out alone. He has been leased out for the last year due to owner's health situation. His first leaser was a 12yo beginner rider whom he carted around like a superstar. Gus spent the fall/winter at a local therapeutic riding farm and also in regular NH/Parelli training. Prior to being leased, he was gearing up for his first full season of eventing and jumping around like a rockstar. He would happily do hunters (has changes, hunter movement), but is a blast XC. Still a bit green, but dead honest over fences with truly minimal encouragement from rider. 3'+ rides no different than 2' but mom is a chicken so fences usually stayed low. Needs show miles and some fine tuning, but would make someone a fun project/show mount. Because he's not been ridden this winter, he'll understandably need some time to get back in shape and likely a training ride to remind him where to put his feet. He is a moderate keeper, sound on no joint maintenance, and can be stall or pasture boarded. Low horse on totem pole with excellent ground manners--stands for farrier, vet, teeth without drugs, bathing, deworming, etc. No cribbing, kicking, biting, but he will occasionally throw the most unathletic buck you've ever sat. Gus is current on vaccines, farrier, teeth. I'm open to private homes or lesson programs.