Hello! Dream come true, we bought our own place and the boys will be coming home! We are all settled in and now the work begins to prep property for the horses.

The fields were corn and so I'm having a farmer come and work the land and then fertilize and plant it for me.
Fencing has already been selected and that will be last to put in.

The existing "barn" is a 30'x32' structure. Looks like they took down the wood walls and put up metal siding. My plan is turn the inside into 3 stalls, wash stall, tack/feed area. And then rather than put a shed out in the field I'd like to blow out the back 32' wall and have it open into a shed. This way we can utilize the water and electric already in the barn.

I've had two contractors come out and will be expecting quotes sometime next week. One was great the other was awful! (who comes without a tape measure).

So I'm reaching out to this group as I know you will have do's and don'ts. If anyone has any suggestions on contractors to use in the Bordentown, NJ area I would greatly appreciate any information you are willing to share.

Thank you in advance,