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    Everyone around here who rides in a rope-noseband hackamore either leaves it as-is, or puts vet-wrap on it. I would think, that, if you change out the vet wrap occasionally, it wouldn't get too bad.

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    Default Another type of Hackamore and Best Web Site

    I've provided a link to what I consider to be an outstanding hackamore. I have this exact one, a couple of them. I began years ago with an S-shank hackamore and became dis-enchanted with that. Stupid rope noseband! Fuzzy covers, vet wrap, etc. Also, that narrow chain is too high on the jaw bones of the horse.

    I came across a cheap "english hackamore", poor quality metal and fuzzy lined leather noseband. Horses responded to it better as it had a good wide english curb chain that sat lower down, in the grove just where a curb chain/strap normally sits. Then I found the hackamore shown above. The shanks are cast aluminum, smooth edges, no rust ever and you can put on a variety of nosebands. Like a fancy one from Taylored Tack!

    The Hillview Farm web site (American Flex) is super. These folks have everything for camping and ton's of educational horse info. My vote for favorite web site.


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