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    Default is McCauley Horse Feed Non GMO?

    Hello all, Is McCauley horse feed Non GMO?

    on there website it says: " Drug and Ionophore Free Feed Mills.

    But what does that exactly mean?

    Clarification would be lovely!

    Thank You!

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    You would have to contact them to know for sure, but I would say no. Virtually all soy is GM. So pretty much anything containing soy I would think GMO, unless it specifically states otherwise.
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    I'm fairly sure their disclaimer means that their feed is not produced in feed mills that also produce medicated livestock feed.
    There have been instances of medicated livestock feed contaminating horse feed, resulting in deaths (meds that are toxic to horses).
    I would assume that the majority of horse feed contains GMO crops.
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    I can tell you positively that they use GMOs. Nothing wrong with that either!

    FWIW, a non GMO horse feed would have to be organic, and be corn, beet pulp and molasses free.

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