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    Sep. 24, 2009

    Cool I'm the world's worst rabbit sex-er

    So I have 2 bunnies (Mac and Molly). I got them as very young babies from a local rescue.

    I wanted one of each sex because they tend to bond better. Both were
    getting nuetered/spayed when old enoughas I have no intention of breeding.
    I kept them in cages next to each other until the male (Mac) was big enough/old
    enough to get fixed, which I did a few months back.

    The female (Molly) was tiny tiny tiny when I got her. The rescue sexed her as
    being female - I have no clue until they are old enough to 'drop' their jewels.
    She was tiny and scrawny and I wanted to wait a while to get her
    spayed, so she was bigger and stronger and healthier.

    Except that a few weeks ago, Molly started humping Mac, and humping the dogs
    NONSTOP... I picked her up and swore I saw jewels, so figured I must have
    2 males. Time to get neutered ! Even though it's pretty entertaining to see
    a 3lb rabbit chasing a 42 lb very tolerant sheltie around the house ...

    So I made an appt to get Mollly neutered. Everything was fine this morning
    when I dropped him off. Well the vet called after they had Molly ready for
    surgery and on the table - and he IS actually a she !

    The vet was laughing when she told me, and asked if I wanted her spayed (yep)!

    So I am the world's worst rabbit sex-er ... oh well !

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    Aug. 18, 2011


    LOL! It's not easy!

    When I was a teenager, I worked at a feed and grain. Come Easter, we would get in a mess of buns for sale (not something I would do today, but live and learn). Anyway, we would go through, sex them, and use grease pencils to put an 'X' in their ears for boys, an 'O' for girls. I always enjoyed the customers' faces when they asked whether it was a boy or a girl, and we looked in their ears for the answer.
    Horsey romances written by a horsey person

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    Nov. 13, 2009


    You know about the dewlap on female rabbits, right? Although it isn't present in very tiny baby rabbits, at Molly's age, I would think it would probably be present by now. It's kind of like a roll of skin/fat under the female rabbit's chin. That is one of the easiest ways to tell the sex of a rabbit.

    But don't feel bad. My first rabbit, creativly named "Hoppity" was believed to be male for, oh, the first 3-4 years of her life before I joined 4-H with her and the other rabbit people were like, "Yeah, that's a female!"

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    Molly is still very small even though she's about 9 months old. Not even
    3 lbs ! I could have fit 3 of her in my palm when I got her.

    And she also doesn't much like being picked up ... so I don't handle
    her too awfully much.

    Well I never thought of myself as an 'expert' in the bunny field. Guess
    that at least was proven right LOL !!

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    Jun. 7, 2006



    I had a rabbit named "Bonnie" whose name eventually got changed to "Bunny"...

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    Sep. 5, 2011


    Actually, rabbits can be sexed at any age (even before the "jewels" show) by placing them on their backs & GENTLY pressing down with 2 fingers on either side of their orifice. In little boys, the penis will poke out.

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    Jul. 14, 2000


    There, there that is okay. I am proud to be married to the world's worst chicken sexer. I want hens and all he brings home are roosters

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    Jul. 26, 2001
    Toronto, Canada.


    Its so hard to sex rabbits when they are young! The penis trick didnt work for me at 6 weeks old. I luckily did guess right, but all mine that I got as babies had "neutral" names...just incase lol.

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    Mar. 10, 2007


    The popping penis trick didn't work on our male rabbit either, even with three of us feed store girls trying! We went by shape and we turned out to be correct.

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    Nov. 1, 2007
    Tampa Fl.


    don't feel bad, we miss-sexed our Maine Coon cat one time. The cat had so much fluff the vet did not even know.....So when Tess was sent in for a spay, we came home with Cornelius (Corny) . She was a he! OOps.

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    Poor Molly is very grumpy after her spay (she's probably like 'WTF just happened??).

    The vet gave me pain meds that she gets every 12 hours (metcam).
    About 1/2 hour after I give it to her she is more active and hops all around the hospital bunny cage.

    She is eating and all the plumbing seems to be working just fine.

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