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    Default Teaching Bascule

    Is there any extent to which you can teach a horse to have a nice bascule over a jump? Or is it something they just have to "have" already? I've always wondered this.
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    You can influence a horse's development of good form, but IMO, you cannot create it where it does not exist. A good bascule is partly mechanical (ie, based on the way the horse is put together.) That said, you can set a horse up for success by teaching it to canter in balance, building jumps that encourage a good bascule, riding it accurately and so forth.

    It's a bit like saying, "can you create a good mover?" Well... you aren't going to make a hack winner out of one that trots like a sewing machine, but you can generally improve one a bit with good training, teaching the horse to move correctly from behind, etc.
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    You can if it was naturally inclined to use itself well but was restricted by its ride. If it isn't naturally inclined you can improve it only slightly. It's a lot easier to destroy a good jumper than to create one.

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