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    Oct. 14, 2012

    Default Another Pedigree Check

    Got this OTTB in January (last race in Dec). For racing he has a stellar pedigree and was kept a stallion well into his 3yo year, until an injury, then they gelded him (talk about insult to injury). Went on to have a mediocre Claiming career, until he came to me.

    I know nothing about these lines as far as sport horses go. So far his brain is fab, and he's showing a strong aptitude for dressage, and his free jumping has gone well too.

    Anyway hoping someone with more info than me on TB pedigrees can help a girl out. Thanks!

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    Dec. 21, 2008


    It's nice! Sire line has Saddlers wells crossed with Sir Ivor. In the Uk this same match produced the stallion Imperial Ballet, who has had a good few event horses going up through the grades. Of course Sir Ivor is pretty historic himself, known to be a great sure of brave good jumping horses inc, international Showjumpers back in the day.
    Love Saddlers wells for their amazing, laid back, and generous temperaments, although they can often have beautiful big muscular bodies on top of skinny short legs, which is not a good point.

    The dam line - goes back to raise a native, fair trial, Tudor minstrel and turn-to- all of these are TB greats.

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    Oct. 14, 2012


    That is EXACTLY what he looks like, big beefy body, tiny legs, long pasterns. I knew those could be issues, but since I'm not looking for a grand prix or high level horse, both vet and I figured with some careful training he should be fine.

    Here's a conformation pic:

    and some free jumping video (that is really shaky since I was taking it and round penning him)

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    Feb. 14, 2001
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    I don't know too many Medaglia D'oros in sport yet (most are too good at racing!), but the ones I've seen look like excellent sport prospects: well balanced, good movers, athletic. I rode an El Prado gelding for a while who had an excellent build for an event horse, good mover on the flat, and would jump anything you pointed him at (a great confidence builder for timid riders). He had his quirks, though...he was a bit mentally fragile, and had a tendency to hang his knees, so I wouldn't have taken him Prelim xc.

    On the dam's side, Goldlust is bred on the same cross as Fappiano: Mr P out of a Dr. Fager mare. Roberto is also a good source of jumping talent, too, though he's a bit far back.

    Good luck with your new horse! Most Med D'Oros are very nice!
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    Aug. 2, 2001
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    With that pedigree I just had to look up his race record. I'm really surprised he was a dirt sprinter. Thought surely he would've been a turf horse. After looking at his picture though, he is built like a sprinter.
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    Oct. 14, 2012


    Huge butt! It does make me worry that he won't be cut out for CC but we'll see. I actually bought him as a jumper, but he's really showing a well rounded attitude so I'm keeping my options open

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    Aug. 14, 2000
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    Sadler's Wells is one of those miler sires whose get were usually determined by the kind of mare that was bred to him--i.e mares who were sprinter types produced sprinters, and so on. To find out about his sons' probable proclivities as a sire, you'd need to know about the son's dam and her record, both on the track and as a broodmare.

    Here SW is pretty far back.

    Then you'd need to look at the foal's dam as well.

    The beefy body on inadequate legs is a Northern Dancer trait, especially in the No. D x Mr. P crosses.
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