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    Default Cinic Help: What to bring and expect.

    I decided to go the the Bernie Traurig clinic but now I don't know what to bring. For me, obviously clean saddle, clean breeches tall boots sweater and polo.
    I'm leasing a horse should I bring boots/ leg protection (if so what), bridle, martingale, saddle pads etc?
    I'm hacking a bunch of horses the night before the clinic to figure out which one I should ride/ make them like me. I was thinking of wearing gray breeches, burgendy v-neck and a black polo.
    The horse will be a university horse (Findlay) does anyone have experience with their horses?
    Any specific do's or don'ts?
    should I bring shampoo etc to give the horse a bath? clippers? a cooler?
    Also for a jacket for me, can I wear a green North Face if I won't ride in it or should I try to find a black jacket?
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    Maybe you can contact the University and ask their expectations or recommendations? If I were leasing a horse for a clinic, I think I would expect to use the horse's tack, but bring a clean saddle pad for each day of the clinic (probably just a white quilted square pad) and my own saddle. I think I'd bring a clean set of black polo wraps too, but only use them 1) if the horse normally goes in polos and 2) if the owner does not supply clean ones. I would hope to be able to use my own saddle, but if it didn't fit the horse, would of course use the owner's saddle (would probably use my own stirrups though). Bring your own tack cleaning supplies too just in case. If they have some available to you, I would use theirs, but just in case you can't find it or whatever, have something on hand.

    Your outfit sounds good. Is the green jacket really bright or a more conservative color? If conservative it is probably find. Usually once I am warmed up I don't even need a jacket, so I wouldn't get too crazy trying to find a black one if you don't have easy access. Wearing a thin, wicking fabric long underwear type shirt may also be a good idea, depending on the weather. I find it keeps me from getting chilled in winter.

    Have fun! I really want to do a clinic this year with someone good like Bernie Traurig. Will add it to the bucket list for this year. If you have time, please post a clinic review! I love reading those and they often give me good ideas for things to work on in these blah winter months.

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