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    Default Racetrack Chaplaincy

    A friend of mine is interested in becoming a racetrack chaplain. she has tried to contact the US office but no one has replied.

    Thought I would ask here, since I don't expect anyone's at the office today anyway.

    Do any of you know anything about the Racetrack Chaplaincy? Does it exist in the steeplechase world as well as in the flat racing and harness racing worlds?
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    I dont have an answer to your last questions...but why doesnt your friend contact a chaplin at the nearest flat track?
    Im sure they would offer a better resource of information.

    She might be able to call the main office to request contact information.
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    I'm sure she's been here, but this is the website:

    I know the people in Lexington if she really can't reach anyone, but I'm sure they'll answer. PM me if she gets desperate.
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    I believe Pat Day is the spokesperson for the Race Track Chaplaincy of America.

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    Yes, I was just going to say get in touch with Pat Day if you can find out how.

    Not much money in this and it's a big struggle to fundraise. The racetrack chaplain here did my grandfather's funeral in '08. He was only here the one year, though. We were sorry to see him go.
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    It is a very worthwhile and much needed position.
    How about contacting the racetrack itself? Pat would be a good starting point as well...but track itself, office, would be a place to get some info.

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    Default Race Track Chaplain

    My name is Michael Bingaman and I am the Chaplain at Retama Park Race Track in San Antonio, TX. I am also on the National Executive Board.

    All of our chaplains are ordained Christian ministers along with other requirements, so if this person is ordained, they are free to contact me.

    Pat is a friend of mine. He is less active with the Race Track Chaplaincy of America right now, but if I can help I will.

    Slewledo is right, there's not much money and Abigail struggle, but if you're called it's fine.

    My number at the track is 210-651-7058


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