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    Default Stiffness?

    My horse has been coming out stiff, and then working out of it, but i honestly don't know why. On sunday he had too much energy, and was free lunged and bucked several times. I rode him after and he was good. Barn is closed on Mondays, and then on tuesday he had a training ride. She said he was stiff and (again) worked out of it. On wednesday, he was the same way, but its weird: He isn't like stiff, he's just not moving as nicely. today he was better, but he still wasn't the same until 15 mins of working. He is only 6 so it is not due to age. Any recommendations? I also wrapped him wednesday night. Thanks in advance!

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    Is he cooled out for a long time after you ride him? Getting thrown in a stall after being ridden may cause that. Also, does he get any turnout? My guy is pretty stiff if he isn't out in a field, or at least walked for 10 minutes after a ride.

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    Jun. 8, 2012


    Shouldn't be coming out stiff as a six year old unless you've had a really hard ride for his level of fitness. If he's fairly fit then you might want a vet to take a peek and do some blocks to find out where the issue is.
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    Vet and maybe chiro.
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    My first call would be to the Chiropractor. If he fell or slipped in turn out, got himself cast, or pulled back at the hitching post he could have a pinched nerve or something that is affecting how he moves. Back pain will often manifest in the stifles, so he feels like stiffness. As his back warms up and the muscles relax, the movement changes and it feels like they work out of it.

    I went through this a few months ago with my horse and our chiropractor said often times the event that caused the problem is so small the owner doesn't even know about it.

    If you address it quickly it should only take a session or two to fix it. Good Luck!

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    Could be a tendon or suspensory injury. It may get stiff standing around not working, then gets less stiff as he works. My old horse that had a suspensory didn't feel lame, he just didn't feel like he had the nice trot that I knew he had. They can seem to warm out of ligament/tendon injuries.

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