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    Default TOTW now has a puppy variety- question for you nutrition guru peoples

    When I went to buy my dogs more TOTW, they store was out of their flavor, but did have the puppy variety in their flavor. I debated a bit, but decided to give it a go as most other feeds will give my JRT a tummy ache after a few days.

    When I was back at home, I quickly compared the nutritional information with the regular TOTW bag and saw that it had a bit less protein and less fat. Upon opening the bag, I noticed the kibble size was smaller as well.

    My dog's seem to eat this even better than they do the regular TOTW, I'm guessing because of the kibble size (JRT and Daschund). Is it ok to keep them on the puppy forumula? The JRT is 4 and the other dog is of unknown age, but best guess by my vets is that he was about a year older than the JRT.
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    the protein and fat are, in my opinion, both slightly too low- you want at least 30% protein, and around 20% fat.
    The calories per cup are also lower than their regular= costs more to feed.
    They came out with those formulas because their regular flavors have too much calcium for a growing puppy.
    However, they won't harm your adult dogs. If you supplemented with fish oil and a bit of extra protein it'll be fine.

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