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    Feb. 8, 2012

    Default Can horses who are known to be drugged actually sell?

    Curiosity is killing me here. In my area, a particular gelding is known to be medicated at all times in the show ring. Aside from his loping pace, and droopy eyes, he is half dropped going into his classes and half dropped immediately after. This is every.single.class. for this horse, but more obvious when he is stepping into a medal final or any class that is considered a bigger deal than the others. This horse constantly lands with "heavy feet" after jumps and sometimes stumbles. ( at one point he actually went all the way down while schooling). My first initial reaction is these people must think everyone around them are idiots. But then I realize that they are the idiotic ones. Not only does this horse stumble on a regular basis, he barellyyyy crawls through his courses to the point where its dangerous.

    This horse is now offered for sale for a substancial amount of money. My question is, would anyone in their right mind locally purchase this horse? I would think not. Even if the purchaser was also a chemist, wouldnt they want to avoid horses in need of drugs to perform?

    Also, I notice this horse constantly licks his lips. Constantly. Which makes me think he is given something orally. However he does a rated show every now and again so it must be something not detectable. I was thinkine Eq Prep Mag paste, but I havent known this to cause a gelding to drop.

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    As long as the horse wins .. the type of trainer who would buy this horse for a client will have all the supplies needed to keep this horse going as it has been and they will not care. So yes selling a horse like that is no problem even when the drug issues are known to the buyers or at least the buyers trainers.

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    Sep. 29, 2012


    Same as Mikes said, if it's winning, yes it probably will. I'm sure there are other trainers out there that are will to keep the drugs going if it means their client will win...cause that's what its all about, right? (sarcasm)

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    agreed , as long as its winning....

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    Except for the heavy feet and being "dangerous" around a course (I'm only putting this in quotes because I don't have a frame of reference for the horse that you are discussing OP; not meaning it in an offensive way!), I owned a horse who behaved exactly like this...and never had a drug a day in his life. We used to have to swat at him to get him to put himself back in his sheath before we entered the ring and he always looked like he was sleeping. He could be bright and brilliant on course if he was interested enough, but most of the time he went around like a metronome; very deliberate and methodical. If you were standing at the in gate for too long, he'd fall half asleep and blink like an old hound dog when you tried to perk him up.

    There wasn't a thing wrong with him (we went through the gamut, too, thinking it was thyroid or perhaps even anemia); he was just the most laid-back type of guy. He went on to ribbon multiple times at Jr. Hunter finals, Maclay regionals, top 20 at Maclay finals and at Medal finals. He's a *very* nice animal, just sleepy!

    I'm not saying that this is necessarily the case with the horse you're discussing, OP, but my point is that it is possible that this horse is just that way.
    Nine out of ten times, you'll get it wrong...but it's that tenth time that you get it right that makes all the difference.

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