Just thought I would share for anyone looking for antecdotes about what worked for them. My 21 yr old TB has been subtly NQR for a few years. Without being able to blow $$$$$ at once on bone scans or willy nilly blocks/xrays, we tried multiple vet workups, time off, ulcer meds, lifestyle changes, IA hock injections, Adequan injections, vitamin e, mag, selenium, Cosequin, ActiFlex 4000, etc etc etc. Nothing made terribly much difference.

Maybe it's just because he's older and there's more old-guy-ailments that are easily remedied but hooray! He finally looks more comfortable. I'm sure it's not much to anyone else but I'm excited for him. He received 5 Ichon shots (tried for 7 but he's a HORRIBLE patient) and has been on Lubrisyn for a month.


After (ugh, so saucy)