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    Default Can anyone help? What should I ask for Sundowner trailer?

    I need to appropriately price my trailer.

    It is a 1997 Sundowner 2 horse slant bumper pull with tack room. Alumninum shell with steel frame. I believe it was manufactured before they switched to the troublesome powder coating that has caused problems for newer models.

    Has higher mileage but has been maintained and is in good shape.

    A few minor things need to be replaced, nothing structural. A couple of running lights, the overhead loading lights, overhead vent in dressing room needs to be replaced, missing key for door lock on dressing room. A few dents in the tire coverings.

    Any suggestions? I've looked up similar trailer listings and the prices vary widely!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Feb. 19, 2013


    I always go to or (it's a broad search for craigslist) and see what is avaliable in your area. The main thing in pricing it is do you want to move it quickly or are you indifferent about selling it?

    here is one listed on horsetrailerworld

    I sold my little 2 horse trailer in less than a week for full asking price through craigslist because I had it priced a touch below similar models and had great pictures.
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    I sold mine a couple years ago for 5,000. I had it listed for 6,000 it was a 2 horse straight load with dressing room and ramp. Had loading lights, etc.

    It was in excellent shape and I had a lot of people offering me 5,000 and I finally took that because a girl who came to look at it crawled under and said she saw some rust and I just wanted the cash.

    Mine didn't have any dents, if I were you, I'd list it for 6 and take 5. It didn't take me long to sell mine once I advertised it.

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    I've got pretty much the same trailer minus the dings and minor things needing replaced. I paid 4k for it about three years ago.

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    Age and miles will lower the price. I see similar (or newer) trailers listed in my area for $3500-$5000. Are you willing to do some repairs? Not too hard to rekey a lock, and not expensive to have it done either. Same with running lights, I scraped the running light off one side and had to replace the whole deal, bought one at Walmart and DH slapped it back on, I think it was $9.
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    Thank you all for taking the time to respond!

    Some good information here.

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    You may even be able to get a spare key from Sundowner without having to rekey the trailer. I've heard plenty of stories of the key working in the lock of Sundowners and people accidentally going into the wrong trailer thinking it was their own. I don't think they use too many different versions of locks so it's kind of a "one key fits many" type of thing.
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