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    Quote Originally Posted by jawa View Post
    We tell everyone that if they think we are home, to please call the house phone, not the cell. Guess soon as we walk out of the door our phones beep to let us know we have a message. It seems that since most everyone else basically only has a cell phone, they don't think about dialing a different number.
    We struggle with this ALL the time! So hard to get people to call the land line - reception for me is 20 miles away, so I may go all weekend not realizing I have missed call.s

    Quote Originally Posted by microbovine View Post
    You didn't ask, but it astounds people that we don't have cable or satellite. 'We have an old fashioned antennae that picks up a couple of PBS stations and one or two network channels, on a good day.
    Same here – Although, we CAN’T get either – cable does not “come up the road” to our place, and we cannot get a clear view of the southern sky, so satellite does not work either. We can’t even get LOCAL – antenna picked up TV- No TV at all, but I can watch some stuff over the internet if I wanted.

    I am perfectly happy without “TV” – hubby would like better access to watch sports, but overall, we are not missing much!

    For internet we have a convoluted high tech hill billy internet – neighbor down the way CAN get cable – and cable internet, and we share it by utilizing some repeaters and wifi.

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    It must be generational... but I don't consider it acceptable to have to take calls outside.

    Quote Originally Posted by pdq View Post
    Power outtages - not a problem. We have a generator.
    It's not your generator alone that's the problem, it's the generator on the cell towers as well. And while they have 'em, they don't have the same expectation nor regulatory requirements for uptime as a landline does.

    I think the right answer is going to depend a lot on your individual household and location, and that's all good. Another issue is that a landline is more easily shared between multiple people.... which is both the good and the bad if you're sick of taking calls for another person or you want your calls to be completely private.
    If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats. - Lemony Snicket

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    not total boonies but kind of boonies, and we have landline and cell. Feel much better with landline back up. Have it for fax also and for finding my cell phone!

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    We aren't that rural, just a few miles out of town and in mostly an area of small (5 acre) parcels. Landline remains because our cell phones do not work here reliably. My cell phone will work, sort of, in some areas of our place, but not where you want to be and not in a way that you can count on. Before we had a phone (landline) in the barn, for instance, trying to reach a vet while in the barn on my cell phone was impossible -- he would call back (no answer as my cell would fail) then text me to go to my house so he could call me on that line! I just don't think we'll be able to get rid of it, even though the cost is kind of crazy for as little as we use it.

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