I have a coming 2 year old gelding (will be 2 in May) that is definitely still growing, but is slowing down his growth and filling out more. I've been feeding him about 6 lbs of TC growth (split into 2 feedings) twice a day, plus 4 ounces of TC Rice Bran oil plus. The directions on the TC Growth say to feed it to horses 2 years and younger. Since he is technically a 2 year old now, I'm wondering if I should transition to a different feed. He is a hunter bred Appy, that is going to be tall but not extraordinarily tall. He is currently 15.3 hands. He string tested at 16.1 hands and he seems to be on track to mature between 16 and 16.2 hands. He has a slender build and is actually about 70% thoroughbred (only 13% appy, the other little bit is AQHA), so not a super easy keeper. His weight is good right now, but definitely can't stand to lose much. I like feeding him the rice bran oil because it allowed me to cut back his grain a bit (he does tend to be hot), he filled in nicely and his coat looks amazing. However, the rice bran oil is pretty spendy. A gallon lasts me a little less than a month. And it's $35 per gallon. Is there a supplement that would help maintain his weight, and keep his coat shiny that is a little cheaper? Also, what grain would you recommend? I have easy access to TC feeds and Southern states. I was thinking of switching to TC Complete. I don't want something high in starches/grains because of his tendency to get hot.. and I will lightly start him under saddle by the end of the summer. He's not in heavy work right now, just daily lunging to keep him in shape for his Hunter in Hand classes at the appy shows. He won't be in heavy work until next year, as I'm not showing him under saddle until he is in his 3 year old year. Thanks for the help! Oh and btw.. he also is turned out 24/7 except during really bad weather, and gets free choice orchard grass hay.