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    Sep. 27, 2010


    Mine just showed up. I supposed there's always the possibility they'll get dinged for duty/taxes, but mine didn't. They were labelled as "nutritional supplement" or something like that though - maybe that makes a difference.
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    Apr. 5, 2004


    Mine always just "show up" in the mailbox too. Same with my Allivet shipments. Love it.
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    Apr. 28, 2009
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    So... when I went to the aformentioned site for this stuff and clicked on the button that "equine omeprazole", I was switched to an Abler website... is this is where you folks go to order? Just want to check to make sure it's safe on my credit card . . .

    And do your horses really just eat it up like candy on their mashes? There doesn't happen to be any sweetener in it, do you know? I'm looking at starting my mare on this stuff because it appears she is going to be in for a very long haul of drugs and will likely need some protection.

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    Mar. 4, 2007
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    rodawn, I wouldn't say they eat it up like candy. I think the pills are quite bitter, but fortunately the amount is so small that most horses will eat one packet - the preventive dose - without too much trouble.

    and yes, it's Abler. The companies merged or something.

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