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    Default Stolen Munnings in Myrtle Beach!

    Watching Antiques Roadshow tonight, they veered off on a mystery- several stolen paintings from an estate. The estate was owned in the past by Belle Baruch. She was the daughter of Bernard Beruch, financier ro Presidents. They mentioned she was an equestrianne, and showed photos of her in riding togs, over fences.
    Her estate has been turned into a conservatory. There were 3 paintings stolen, in the early 2000's I think. They were Munnings! The main painting was of her on horseback, and I have seen a dead ringer of it with George Mellon on a horse. They showed a photo of it, and two other 'paintings', studies actually of the horse, and several bits of Belle if I understood correctly. They mentioned the painting was worth over $1million dollars. There is a standing reward of $25,000.
    I LOVE Munnings! I have been reading the Chronicle a long time, and I never heard of this!
    Anyone else?
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    Saw a history of the Baruch family on SC education TV last month. Very interesting family who did many wonderful things for many people. Yeah their family, like all families, was flawed but still helped many.
    Belle was an accomplished equestrian, mainly overseas as females had more opportunities there. More info here:
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    Here's a link to photos of the missing paintings:

    Missing Munnings
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    Default Thanks Kyrswyn,

    Your story had much more info. I was going on what I had seen and remembered. But it is good to have it posted. I can't believe I had not heard of this before!
    I have 3 Munnings prints on my walls, and when I was in the UK, I got to go t his home and see many many paintings. It ws heaven.
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