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    Sometimes ridicule is the end result of perceived lack of communication. As in"you should wear your helmet". Advice ignored, repeat communication "you really should wear your helmet". Repeat. Rider falls, hits head, mild concussion.
    Self appointed advisors reduced to snide remarks, peanut gallery joins in.

    So I'd really have to know the context of the snide remarks. Sometimes the universe is on my side, I just don't recognize it because the advice is in the form of snide remarks.

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    All I can say is that I'm really glad my horses are at home and I don't have to deal with divas.

    That said, I do want to add that dyslexia can transfer over to the keyboard. I would have commented on the "OMG Free Speech is Dead" thread but the mods locked it. I have a pretty hard time typing and/or writing - same problems with either medium.
    "Dogs are man's best friend. Cats are man's adorable little serial killer." --

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    Remember sometimes you can't have it all I personally would be leaving asap. re riding no helmet they do save lives & I can totally understand barn owner etc having issues with people not wearing them. Who is the person that 9 times out of 10 will be scrapping the rider off the ground?

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    Update in first post.
    My life motto now is "You can't fix stupid!"

    Are you going to cowboy up, or lie there and bleed

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    Changing the title to say the update is IN the first post, may be useful.

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    Eleanor-That's wonderful news for you and your horse.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crockpot View Post
    Hmm. I've looked through this thread again and can't find any actual examples of the BO turning the barn into Hell as claimed in the thread title except for this comment:

    What did he say? As a BO, I might say something like - your horse was a jerk /nut/turkey? today and destroyed his stall or smashed the fence - I'd say the same about my own horse. Is that snide?

    It is not possible to know from what was posted here if the BO is truly whacked or the boarder is overly sensitive. BTW I'm wondering too from all the errors in your posts if English is your second language. That could be a factor with communication issues/humor.

    I've put up with some personality issues if it is the best care I can find for my horses or if there is no other reasonable option in my area . No place is perfect and some of us are in areas where there are few choices.

    Still, it's a good idea to leave if you can't get along with the BO.
    You post this, then you chastise her a few posts away for coming to the forum to ask for advise.

    Personally, I was impressed that she didn't fill the post with the gory details, I appreciated that she wasn't happy and felt she probably didn't want to put too many details in JIC.

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    Glad things worked out for you, OP. Thanks very much for the update!

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