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    Default Saddle Woes...a lotta whining...

    Just bought my rapidly growing DD a new dressage saddle last fall (Sept '12). It fit her pony; it fits the school horses. She longer fits the pony after a RIDICULOUS growth spurt. He can carry her all day long but it's comical. The saddle doesn't fit the "new" ride (a home bred mare she's just starting to ride); nor does it fit the other QHx mare. It fits my new mare...but did I mention it's MY new mare Saddle is too wide although it is a medium tree.

    DD found a deal on a quality saddle that she found super comfy & loved. She bought it with her own money but low & behold it doesn't fit anyone (too narrow). She really loves the saddle. I've found a few options in the used saddle dept but when inquiring, I'm a day late and a dollar short.

    I'm not really whining about saddles....I'm really whining about money. Had I an unlimited amount of funding, I would just buy yet another saddle that would fit her, fit her new ride. But alas, we are normal folk with an actual budget. Kids & ponies/horses...every time I turn around, my girl has outgrown something expensive - or cheap... but really?

    OK - whine over. The best thing that's happening from this is that DD is becoming a much better rider b/c she's sometimes forced to hop on bareback if the other saddles that fit are in use.

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    I sympathize! Everytime I turn around I find something to spend money on and the money goes out alot faster than it comes in. lol

    I need a girth, I'd like to try a French link with curved bars, and I need a saddle. I keep wishing for a tack fairy to show up but it hasn't happened yet.

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