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    Jan. 19, 2013

    Default Riding Crop/dressage whip

    Are riding crops or whips allowed for Intro A tests? I'm a hunter/jumper convert, where crops are carried with practically every horse. I use small spurs for finesse but need a little reinforcement to keep the pony from having a "mare moment" during the test.

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    Jan. 5, 2011
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    Generally, one doesn't see crops (I'm an ex-hunter rider too, so by "crop" I envision a jumping bat.). Dressage whips are allowed. Here's the PDF link to clarify for you. It also covers attire, and other things you might not be familiar with yet. Welcome to dressage I hope you have a wonderful show experience!

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    Dec. 6, 2008


    I've only done schooling shows, but I've done Intro tests with my bright green, really short bat. My boy gets a bit over excited at the sight of a dressage whip out of the corner of his eye...

    But obviously, I'm not one for trying to blend in. I ride an Appy mule, for goodness sake.

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    Whips are more common than crops.

    But if you prefer to use a crop go right ahead.

    Whips and crops are legal, as long as it is not a championship show.

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    FYI, the legal max length is 120 cm, including the flicker.

    I have purchased whips advertised as 120 cm, only to measure them & find out it is really too long, unless I cut off the flicker. My own fault, I know. Both were cheap, so it wasn't too terrible a loss. the 120 cm from Horze was one of these.

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    Yes I ordered that one from horze and had them same problem but it was really cheap so I use it for ground work at home lol
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