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    Apr. 25, 2005

    Default Have any of y'all had experience with Mistoprostol?

    If you have could you share your experience with me? Last month my horse's vet put him on 30 days of Mistoprostol for loose manure. Billy had been on it a few days and I noticed he was quiet. Every night I would talk to him about why he was quiet. Then on the 7th day of it I came to the barn in the morning as I usually do and he was laying down on his sterum. Billy's been in my life 22 years and I have never seen him on his sterum. Then he stretched out and lay down flat. After that he got up, but I was already freaking out. It is nearly impossible to catch him laying down ever. Of course I called the vet right then. The short story of it is that the vet and I decided to take him off the drug. The next morning when I went to the barn it was like night and day.
    He was a completely different horse than the day before. He was the Billy I know and love so well....the "hang on" Billy. Since he's been off the medication his manure has been fine and "formed" as it should be. One week of the medication did this.

    What I would like to know is if your horse has been on this drug how did it affect him or her. Did they have any reaction like my horse? I haven't asked the vet yet, but I'm wondering if there is a different way to give this medication. Thanks.

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    If in 22 years you've never seen a horse lie down in sternal recumbency you must not spend a lot of time watching, or not at odd hours. Horses lie down nearly every day if they can, and often spend a lot of time sternally recumbent if they don't feel like lying flat out on their sides.

    Sounds like a coincidence. Other than in pregnant mares, misoprostol is pretty darn safe.
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    Apr. 25, 2005


    I did not say "a" horse laying down. I was speaking of my horse. I know he lays down to sleep sometime in the night, but this is a horse that does not lay down in the daytime unless something is wrong. And to assume I don't spend a lot of time watching is just a rude way to reply. My horse is a 32 year old horse who foundered catastropically age age 27 and spent 8 months in an equine hospital. I take care of him and watch him every hour of the day.

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    Jul. 10, 2003
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    Is it possible that he was laying down because he was more comfortable?
    As someone who owns a horse with a sleep disorder who won't lay down and often stumbles around and injures himself trying to sleep on his feet, if this happened to my horse I'd buy him a lifetime supply of the stuff .
    If he seemed fine and was just down sleeping, I wouldn't worry one iota. It is normal and necessary for horses to lay down to rest.
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    Apr. 25, 2005


    Well, you know that was the vet's theory. That he could be more comfortable. It seemed to me he was quiet all week culimating in the laying down. When Billy was in the hospital being treated for founder the farrier would say I wish he would lay down and rest those feet, but the only time he did lay down was some time in the night when he normally did his sleeping.

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    The drug is used in a comprehensive* treatment of colitis.. Why exactly was your horse on it?
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