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    Dec. 16, 2012

    Default Red sclera

    I just brought my horse in from his paddock and noticed that the inside corner of his left sclera is unusually red (almost blood shot looking) and the eye is a little watery. He is not squinting his eye, though, and does not appear to be in any obvious pain. Does anybody have any ideas of what this might be and if I should have it looked at?

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    Are you located where bugs are flying now? If that is that the case you can hope it's as simple as that. I would keep a close watch on the eye. An increase in wateriness or pus, or swelling is cause for a vet call. As is any change of the color of the surface of the eye.
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    Sep. 27, 2010


    Could he have gotten some hay in his eye? Mine moved onto outdoor board about a month ago, and twice he's come in with an eye a bit red and goopy (no swelling or squinting either). A vet boards at the barn, and she looked at it and advised me to put in triple antibiotic ointment for a day or two, and if no change to have another exam. Both episodes cleared up with one dose of ointment.

    The paddocks have round bale holders that keep the bales up off the ground, so the horses are eating straight in front or up above eye level. Pieces of hay can easily get in their eyes.
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