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    Apr. 26, 2011

    Unhappy Ugh ugh ugh :/

    So...let me preface this with yes, I do have a bit of an addiction of looking at horses for sale online...even when I have a new horse and shouldn't still be looking. BUT...

    My new-ish prospect is also an experienced trail horse, and lately I have been sort of fantasizing about getting a second trail horse so that my husband and I can trail ride together. Earlier this week I saw an ad for a 17-hand appendix mare said to be kid broke and safe as it gets, and even though my web-surfing never goes beyond looking, she was close enough and such a steal that somehow I convinced a reluctant DH that we should go meet her just to see if MAYBE it was meant to be.

    When I met her...the poor thing, she was a mess. Besides being pretty badly knock-kneed, apparently someone who had previously had her had poured some kind of chemical on her legs (or that was what the owner told me anyway; her legs were scaly and hairless in large patches on 3 legs and on one there was an enormously jutting out piece of proud flesh). The owner said that due to her bad back she was unable to do anything to address the leg issues (nevermind that there were several men on the property who seemed able-bodied enough to tend to her..sigh). The mare walked and trotted sound in the paddock (and better than I figured she would with the knock-knee issue) and was the SWEETEST horse ever. I swear she was looking at me like I was her lifeline to safety...

    I think I would have just brought her home with me right then and there because of the way she was looking at me, but my husband was pretty adamant that we should leave her there. I guess I'm wondering if the owner leaving her legs untreated counts as abuse enough that I should notify someone and have her rescued? I can't imagine who would buy her in her condition.

    Grrr...I wish DH wasn't so against just taking her home and fixing her up and then rehoming or making a trail horse out of her

    Attaching a link to some photos of her. Unfortunately they were taken by DH who doesn't know the first thing about photographing horses and therefore don't show much. I should have had the presence of mind to take some myself! She actually had a really cute face at least, and was a good size (16.2 about, not the 17+ stated in the ad):

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    Feb. 2, 2003
    Iowa, USA


    There are lots and lots of horses who could use an upgrade, who do not qualify as "abused". She's in decent weight, has food and water, and is sound. That she has proudflesh (and I'm guessing the scaly patches are from caustics applied to the leg to remove it) is not criminal neglect.

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    Jun. 22, 2004
    Central Florida


    She looks pretty good. What a cutie
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    an upgrade she could use..but nothing in the pictures points to reportable 'neglect'. Been there, done that and have the receipts ...hard to leave them but she's not underweight...that would have been the final straw for me regardless of what DH would have said I would have taken the horse.

    I couldn't see what you were talking about regarding the legs other than the left hind could be swollen...hard to tell from pics. And I take it she knew you were coming??

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    Apr. 27, 2008


    I cannot believe they showed you a "for sale" horse in that condition. Are people nuts?
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