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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Helpus View Post
    If my farm name was Grey Fox or Gray Fox and I was not Jill Burnell, I sure would change the name to Grey Fox Sport Horses or something like that.
    Except Kandi & Rusty's establishment has been around for decades as Grey Fox Farm while JB's thing was only established in the mid 00's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PINE TREE FARM SC View Post
    ...USEF bred horses are winning at the GP level.
    What, pray tell, is a "USEF bred horse"?

    I was not under the impression that the USEF was in the breeding business.

    chief feeder and mucker for Music, Spy, Belle and Tiara. Someone else is now feeding and mucking for Chief and Brain (both foxhunting now).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahf View Post
    If my reason for subscribing to CoTH was solely for sporthorse breeding news, I doubt that I would subscribe either. But knowing what's going on in the performance end of things is crucial to me - breeding and performance is tightly woven. And I don't know of anyone doing a better job and more timely with that than CoTH.

    What I was missing was the coverage of the breeding classes/shows and results. While the articles on the performance division were interesting, they were becoming repetitive, and I was finishing the magazine in under 2 minutes.

    Of course they couldn't cover the breeding division all the time, but at the time I cancelled years ago, it was barely being covered at all. It was a bit puzzling (and frustrating), since there was so much clamor for trainers to support US bred horses.

    Couple that with the late arrival of issues on the west coast (this was before online editions) and you can see how one would want to give up a subscription.

    I received the card in the mail asking why I cancelled, and I replied, citing the lack of coverage for the breeding division.
    -Amor vincit omnia-

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    Quote Originally Posted by PINE TREE FARM SC View Post
    Surprised that nobody has posted about this article.
    Grey Fox Farm is the 2012 USEF leading jumper breeder and the article highlights the fact that USEF bred horses are winning at the GP level.
    Does anybody read COTH or does nobody care that US bred horses are a success?
    HA HA HA- just got the bleeding magazine last night (2/1/13). chillout, you'll live longer

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    I subcribe to the magazine. I enjoyed the articles and found them relevant. All horse breeders don't chat here. I am going to go on a limb and say maybe most of them do not.

    Probably some posters here would ream out the featured breeders in the articles if they posted their beliefs here...for instance another featured breeder says to breed the horse, not the papers. Another one didn't have their stallion approved by a wb registry. I would probably take issue with yet another one, Pollard's, comments on thoroughbreds that are not in his breeding program.

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    I followed this thread with interest, as I am still waiting to find out what a USEF bred horse is.
    My warmbloods have actually drunk mulled wine in the past. Not today though. A drunk warmblood is a surly warmblood. - WildandWickedWarmbloods

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