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    Default Lease Prices

    I am looking to lease a 3 foot hunter for my daughter for 6 months while she is home from college for the summer. If necessary, we would lease for 1 year. What is the typical fee? We would board at a very nice show barn in NJ.

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    Prices will range depending on how fancy you want the horse to be. Generally, you are looking 1/3 the horses value for a year or show season. For a nice solid AA 3' hunter, price ranges will likely start at $25,000-$50,000+. For a lower level 3' hunter (B shows) probably start around $5000. Obviously prices can vary drastically, but I would think that would give you a rough estimate.

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    The "industry average" is about 1/3 of the value of the horse, per year. So a 6 month lease would be about 1/2 of that 1/3.

    Now of course the big question is: How much is the value of the really the fee may also be whatever someone thinks they can get you to pay...

    But for a math example, lets just say nice children's hunter $48,000 value - yr lease would be around $16,000 or $1,300+ per month.
    Many moons ago I leased an 18 yr old hunter to do adults; he was a winner if you hit your lines (which I did not always do...) and a ribbon in the hack. He took a lot of jokes very well. I paid close to $1k/month if I remember correctly.
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    I do it slightly different. My lease price is 20% of the horse's purchase price but you have to board at my farm, so you have the additional cost of board monthly. I've learned the hard way never to let my horses off my farm if I want them back in as good a shape as when they left.

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