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    I buy shavings from the mill, did some research and found one close to me, if I buy plain white bags (sold that way so they can't be resold) I get an even better price. I use Metamucil instead of Sand Clear (on vet's advice), and try to use human products when I can instead of made-for-horses products to save. When we moved to our farm, I found out how much we saved by not eating out - we are too remote and it is too much trouble. So, it is the crock pot in the winter and the grill in the summer. I have a large vegetable garden, and have had some successes and some failures as I learn what grows well in our sandy soil. I plant seeds as they are cheaper than seedlings. I don't use a dryer either, except for about 5 minutes to get the water out so the clothes dry hung up faster. I watch coupons and flyers for specials on things like dog and cat food. I co-own my horse trailer with a friend, it works well and we share all maintenance and insurance expenses. I always like to see threads like this one, hoping I can gain some new saving tips!

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    Nov. 16, 2012


    Instead of sending my turnout blankets to a cleaner I take the pressure washer to them, hang on the fence to dry - if it's windy I get a bonus despooking session for the horses.

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    ebates is a savings/cash back site that has a ton of stores. is one of the participants (although they do exclude some merchandise). I've gotten a couple hundred dollars back since I signed up. I do almost all my shopping on line and you just start on. (full disclosure, this link is a friend referral page which pays for encouraging folks to join, if this is advertising I apologize)

    Thanks for the tip on saving star, I just signed up for that as well. I've also become a coupon clipper, Target has a ton on their website & it seems they always have stuff we use. Signing up for their store card is also a good deal (auto 5% savings on everything & their pharmacy program also offers a buy 5 scripts, get another 5% off everything in store.) is another online store that has a cash back program, it gives $ towards future purchases. Free shipping over $25 as well. You do need to known common prices, I've seen things like doggie dentabones (or whatever they're called) at a much higher price than my local store.

    Wood pellets are far cheaper than cat litter & work much better at keeping the oder down.

    I you have the option on a FSA account through you insurance, definitely sign up when submitting you annual insurance info. Purchasing with your pre-tax $ is the way to go!

    I've been on a cost saving spree lately, appreciate this thread :-)

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    Central, FL


    I think our main money saver has been getting rid of cable tv. We haven't paid for it for about 6-7yrs. We watch our tv shows either by downloading, and hulu. We might be getting netflix online though..still debating it.

    We also haven't had a home phone for about 8yrs. We use our cell phones..before that we had a free phone service (can't remember what it's called).

    Next thing we have done to save money is to get a smart thermostat that knows when to turn the heat up and down.

    horse wise I find that keeping the horses out as much as possible saves alot on shavings.

    We also don't do fast food all that often and when we do we leave off the fries and extra's ..who really needs it anyways.

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    I also don't have cable. I watch on hulu, the actual network tv sites (a large number of them offer streaming on their own sites or hulu usually within a day or two of airing), and older stuff on netflix streaming. A couple of shows I've paid itunes to download, but even then it's less than paying for cable!

    Use my cell phone, no iphone (people wonder why I don't have a smartphone, LOL), and I try to avoid texting unless it's necessary.

    I've actually turned my heater off because it stays a reasonableish temperature in the house (around 60) even with it off and then I can just bundle up and use a space heater when I'm sitting around and when I'm in the bed I have two comforters so no big deal.

    I also make a conscious effort to not leave all the lights on.

    For my horse, I found a supplement that included everything I was feeding him separately (biotin, msm, zinc) plus a couple things I wanted to start him on (glucosamine, chondroitin) as preventative and doing it all together cut down on the price of getting them all separately.

    Bought all of my jump poles for $3 each using landscape timbers at Home Depot. Went in with another boarder on half/half to buy locally-made jump standards for us to use.

    I make extensive use of whenever I'm buying or thinking of buying anything online.

    I make a point to visit consignment tack stores or try to buy used for most tack things instead of brand new (unless there's some really amazing sale happening!).
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    My mare loves dollar store oatmeal cookies and granola bars for treats. I also buy inexpensive baby wipes to clean her face and have considered using dollar store baby oil in place of Cowboy Magic in her mane and tail. I will definitely do as another poster mentioned up thread and replace my very worn out small stiff grooming brush with a dollar store kitchen brush -- good idea.

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    I just saved over $1000 by getting quotes on our homeowner's insurance policy and auto insurance.

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