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    Default Laser Measurers

    Do any of you use a laser measurer for measuring around the farm?

    A woman was measuring rooms with one this week and I thought it would be very handy for measuring arenas, trot and canter pole distances, jumps, etc., but I wonder how it would work outdoors.

    The one the woman was using is a Bosch that she got at Home Depot. I was amazed at the high price; saw even more expensive ones at Wal-Mart online.

    If any of you use one I would love to know how well it works, and what the price range for these gadgets is.
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    You can find some lower-priced ones at walmart and lowes for not too ridiculously high of a price. I've used them for work ON the barns and fences and such, but had never thought of using them for lines and jumps and poles - I just measure my stride (a long time ago) and know how far of a step I need to take to measure out a line when I'm setting one up. I almost always get it right, although sometimes need to make very minor adjustments depending on the horse.

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    I have one I got from Amazon for about $100, does NOT work for setting jumps. The beam power doesn't seem to be powerful enough to be reflected back to the sensor for jumps--not solid enough.

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    Ranger finders for shooting.

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    I have the Bosch one. I use it all the time. It is extremely accurate. There are two limitations - distance and bright sunlight. I also got some special glasses that are supposed to make the dot easier to see in daylight, but I never have them with me. I do think they help some but are just one more thing to have around. For short distances the visibility isn't a problem so it works for ground poles or jumps even in most daylight. I don't know how much it cost as it was a Chritmas present in 2011. It has been trouble free. I really do like it a lot.

    eta The battery life on my Bosch is excellent. It does not go to 330 feet in general - perhaps in some ideal conditions or something, but not dependably.
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    When shopping take note there are basically 3 categories of laser distance measurers: indoor, outdoor, and rangefinder.

    Indoor is for spanning room sizes. These are the least expensive and somewhat accurate. I've never used them either. The outdoor ones go to about 100 meters (330ft) with accuracy within a fraction of an inch. Bosch, Leica, Fluke, make this style. The Rangefinders do up to 500m with accuracy about about 1 yard. Offhand, Bushnell and Nikon make a lot of these.

    All of them are sensitive to the target and may reflect better if you place a reflective target instead of relying on the properties of the object you're measuring.

    I've thought about buying one of these. I owned a Bushnell rangefinder once and sold it due to speed and battery life (I was using it for golf) and I've used a Leica Disto too. I'd choose a Disto if I had the choice.

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