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    Default Ohio Dog Rescue Buying Puppies and Involved with a Hoarding Situation

    I'm at the end of my rope with this rescue. They've been buying puppies from backyard breeders, from ebay and flea markets and passing them off as rescues. They also had direct knowledge and involvement with a known hoarder who was finally busted about a month ago.

    Where to go, what to do to out them? They are a breed rescue.

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    Being a hoarder is not illegal.
    It is illegal if the hoarder did not take care of their animals to minimum standards, but that is not necessarily because it was a hoarder.

    I don't know what you can do there, because it is also not illegal for a rescue to buy puppies somewhere else, just as it is not for rescues that buy horses off trader's lots.

    WE may think it is questionable practices, but illegal, not at all.

    We have here animal control getting 30 to 100 animals a day, euthanizing 80% easily, even with all kinds of PR campaign, TV spots, Muttfest and adoption days regularly.

    Then Kathrina hurricane happened and a local rescue lady got donations, went there and brought back 200+ dogs to rehome!

    Would you know, that was all over the news and in two weeks all but 6 of those dogs were adopted and people still calling for more?

    When people were directed to the animal control shelter, most declined.
    They wanted a rescue dog from the hurricane only.

    While I was glad some hurricane dogs found homes, honestly, all the money getting those here could have provided much more help for local dogs, if we can find a way to market them better.
    Hard to compete with a hurricane for appeals to people's good will towards the needy.

    It is hard to say to others how they should do what they do, rescuing too, in a way that will make your point about the to you questionable practices of that rescue, that are not quite what you think they should be.

    Some times, we can't do anything much, the world is the way it is.

    If they are using false advertising, saying their dogs are rescues when they are bought from dogs for sale somewhere else, that could be an angle to start pertinent questions about their practices with some interested TV station/newspaper?

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    Sep. 7, 2009
    Lexington, KY


    I agree with you Bluey,it's not illegal, but it is unethical to say the least. However there is a new law in OH that goes into effect in March that a rescue can't buy more than 9 dogs in a year. They can pay unlimited fees to a dog warden or shelter

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    The rescue that was where I used to live had Craigslist puppies, and the free to good home ones, and the Walmart parking lot ones that were free also. She resold them, with zero vet care, unneutered or unspayed, and to anyone who was willing to pay $350 to $400 and up for her 'rescues'. The rental company wouldn't do anything about her having ten plus dogs in cages in the house, but the animal control, and business license/codes enforcement people certainly did. This type of thing goes on all of the time, and is very similar to some of the more famous 'rescue' from the feed lot operations we've learned about here.
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