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    Nov. 20, 2010
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    Smile The Oscars: Any opinions? Anyone care?

    Finally got out of the country to venture into big city for some movies yesterday.

    Had to see Lincoln. What an amazing performance by Daniel Day Lewis, and scenery and settings. Wish I had known more of the background on the other players, however. Guess I'll now make sure I read Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals... I had been reading a book about Mary Todd Lincoln.

    But also saw Zero Dark Thirty. Thought it was exceptional. Although I have lived in the ME, and have some tertiary connections to some of the locales, but was directly affected by the "mood" there. Expected it to be relevant, and good, but not so awestruck.

    Hoping to see Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, and Amour by Sunday. And Argo is now on Dish pay per view.

    Anyone else doing a movie marathon, or have Oscar opinions?

    Although I will say, it seems every year I truthfully expect to see what I feel is the best get rewarded, and am often grossly disappointed to see the award given for other reasons. It is, afterall, Hollywood...
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    Jul. 2, 1999


    All the nominations here:

    It should be an interesting night with host Seth MacFarlane. The guy has a tremendous amount of talent and this should be a platform to showcase his ability to sing (no, really, he's got chops) and also think quick on his feet. Hopefully the crude Peter Griffin humor will be minimal although he's also a nominee this year with Ted (the title song was nominated).

    Silver Linings Playbook is very good although certainly uncomfortable at times. In the theater I was in there was a nervous laughter at times with the situations. I'd highly recommend making the effort to see it and you'll appreciate Bradley Cooper far more as an actor.

    Argo deserves the recognition its getting and Ben was shafted by not being nominated. The volume of awards he's received since that slight certainly has compensated a bit. Is it one of the best films ever? Eh, not so much. It still is a film worth seeing as they captured the 'feel and look' of the era.

    Django Unchained - nominated for best picture, original screenplay, best cinematography and best supporting actor for Christoph Waltz - is an interesting film that is what you expect from Tarantino. Although its very long, too violent at times (I don't need to see a human torn apart by dogs) and of course the racial language excessively used made me squirm throughout. I'm sure it will take home a few awards Sunday night.

    Doubtful I'll ever make an effort to see Life of Pi, not my thing whatsoever.

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    Mar. 26, 2008


    I've seen Django, Argo, and Silver Linings Playbook and have Zero Dark Thirty on my computer to watch.

    Django was excellent, but it's also totally in line with my movie taste so I expected to like it a lot. Really fantastic film IMO and I expected that amount of violence being a Tarantino film.

    Argo was enjoyable and well done, though Ben Affleck's worst decision was to cast himself in that lead role. He's an okay actor, but the movie would have been better served with someone more talented.

    Silver Linings Playbook was a nice movie, but I honestly wasn't sure what makes it Oscar worthy. Good acting and nice story line, but I wasn't blown out of the water.

    I haven't brought myself to watch Zero Dark Thirty yet simply because I heard it was very political.
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