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    Default Showing and iPhones

    Do you show with an iPhone? I'm starting to think having 'At the Gate' and 'Showgrounds Live' apps on my phone would be a wonderful convenience, but I really prefer something smaller than an iPhone -- Even if I'm wearing jeans, it's an effort to get a phone that large into a pocket -- Are there any better options?
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    I don't show enough to really need those apps, but I've had iPhones for years and have never had a problem with it fitting in my jeans pocket? Especially since the phones seem to get slimmer with every model. And they definitely fit well in my breeches. There are other options too though, like cell phone holder that go around your tall boots or arm.

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    Jul. 3, 2011


    The iPhones are a very nice size for slipping into your back pocket. I have the Galaxy SIII which is larger than the iPhone and it lives in my back pocket.

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    For certain times I get a case that clips onto my belt. Might look geeky, but it works. Just be careful where you put it so you don't hurt yourself in a fall.
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    Mine has always fit in my jeans pocket, and that's with the otterbox on it. Plus it's a 5 which is bigger than both the 4 and 4s. However, other than just happening to have an iphone, I have both of those apps on my phone and actually never use them as a rider, and my trainer rarely uses them (he already knows the eq rules and tests, so he doesn't need to look that up, and he prefers a paper schedule over the online schedules).

    Also remember that you can't actually SHOW with a iphone on, as wearing technology such as an ipod, bluetooth, iphone, or cell is banned except for medical exceptions.

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    I use ShowgroundsLive all the time during WEF. You can keep an eye on your ring status and see any changes when they move classes around as needed.

    My phone also goes in my back pocket with an otterbox. I also see plenty of people wearing them with belt clips.

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    My iPhone goes into my sports bra whenever I am riding, and frankly often when I am just walking around. I can hear it, play music to ride to, and have easy access.

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    My iPhone in its Otterbox Defender lives comfortably in the back pocket of my jeans. If I don't want it there, or want it there more securely (if I am going cross-country and don't want ANY chance of it falling out,) I clip it into the case and clip the case onto my belt.
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