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    Default Boarding barns around Gainesville Florida

    Help! my daughter is a student at UF and wants to move her OTTB to Gainesville. Any recommendations for boarding barns that provide great care in or around Gainesville and have knowlege of dealing with a OTTB? She is currently riding dressage and hunter/jumper

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    Twin Oaks Stables

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    I'm a current UF graduate student with my horse in Gainesville with me. I can tell you the ones to avoid seeing as I've had a horse in this town for 6 years. I've seen stables come and go and have moved around a lot.

    Currently I'm at Everglade Equestrian its in Micanopy, FL just south of Gainesville. It takes me about 15 minutes to get there but my townhouse has easy access to the interstate. If she has easy access to 13th street/441 its easy to get there that way too and will take you about 20 minutes if traffic is bad. The care is amazing as well as the facility, the arena has mirrors and is kept in great condition! I pay $450 a month. They have a regularly scheduled farrier that is out almost every week, they hold for the farrier so I don't have to worry about being there if I have class. They some of the best turnout I've seen in this area. They are however more of a dressage barn. They do have jumps set up in the field and ones in the corner of the arena you can set up. My trainer a gold medalist, comes out and rides my horse twice a week and I take lessons with her. She is strictly dressage though and charges $40 a lesson.
    The website is ancient Give them a call and come see it. Its a bit drab now due to the cold snap but its beautiful in the spring and summer.The place is very quite I'm often the only one out there riding. I like it.

    A more Hunter/Jumper type place would be Blue Sky everyone I know that boards there loves it. They are like $550 though and to the west of Gainesville in a place known as Jonesville. They are often booked solid.

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    I had a friend board here for a bit and she seemed to enjoy it. I went to their hunter paces for several years and it's a great place. They grow their own hay and have tons of land to ride on including cross country jumps/course. I'm not sure what size the barn is now but it was pretty small as far as I remember.

    Wynfield Farms is another

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    Feb. 20, 2013


    Thank you everyone for your information. If anyone has any other places let me know.

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    The UF hunt seat team trains at Kimberden Farm in Ocala.

    Here is the team's website with contact information

    and the facility's website

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    Feb. 13, 2013


    I boarded at Misty Morning Hounds for all of my 5 years in Gainesville. I loved the place. I also have an OTTB and he did really well there. It's not a huge show barn, but sometime us boarders would get together and trailer to shows. If she is comfortable riding without a trainer on a day to day basis and wants access to great jumps and trails I would highly recommend it. Take a tour and I guarantee you will be blown away with all the room you have to ride.

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