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    Quote Originally Posted by starhorse View Post
    Here I am, thinking to myself as I read... "Why, I feel like canoeing would be a lovely first date!" And then I kept reading. And then I got it.
    Clearly, you missed the infamous canoeing thread! It is a definite must-read! Thread title is something like "I just don't enjoy canoeing anymore."

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    Lots of M states...


    I will have to search that one later!

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    Ok. I just had to look it up.

    Is this the thread?

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    on and off the bit


    There, there. (pat, pat)

    Now then.

    Is there any particular reason you can tell us about that makes going looking crazy to you? Is it just looking for guys that's crazy, or going out socially in general? Do you have female friends you go places with?

    You didn't ask for advice and I just realized I was about to say "Can't offer advice without knowing more about what you're dealing with."

    But I am a lot older than you and currently "guy-less" and I do sympathize.
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    For a long time I thought I'd never find the one either. I waited to be intimate as well, despite a lot of peer pressure. I found that as soon as I stopped looking, I found someone. I had a horse instead of a boyfriend for a LONG time. :-)

    I wish I could help more, but try and love yourself right now.
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    At least you know you are not alone judging by the selection of posts I read here. I think we have all been through those feelings.

    I did learn that one has to 'reach' to meet people. It is a two way street, nobody is going to come knocking t the door and say, " Will you come out and play?"

    Being a very horsey girl is off-putting to a lot of men. They don't like the competition and single-mindedness - I found one, but not many are like him!

    If you have a dog, go walking and strike up conversatioins with men who have nice dogs ???

    You have lots of time, yet. Lots of people don't seem in very much of a hurry. I was in my thirties. Career, needing time to grow up and settle, second marriages, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
    OK I will say it again.. Get yourself a black knit with a brim AC/DC hat and just wear it. It never fails to amaze everybody with me how many guys approach me just to talk about my hat. My DH absolutely hates all the attention I get because of a stupid hat. Its not like I am super good looking either. Nope its the hat.
    Sorry to digress, but Hulk what the heck is an AC/DC hat? and where can we get one?
    I need to look cute too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by columbus View Post
    Hope is a gift you give yourself.
    You can give others the gift of your real self, your smile, a welcome attitude, pull your shoulders back and open yourself to new people and greet them with curiosity and interest and cheerfulness. When I am alone in the world it is usually because I have curled in the fetal position and people go around me. I take a big cleansing breath, pull my shoulders back, smile and think friendly. People smile back, maybe ask for directions, maybe they 'bother' you...step closer to you and not away from you. Practice flirting with them. I was a target in high school and never learned to schmooze...or never was brave enough to smooze...practice schmoozing with is never too late. When you go by your reflexion...dont count your failings...instead smile at that person. Laugh out loud. PatO
    Many great responses here, but I want to echo this. Make sure you are not pprojecting a closed-off, want-to-be-left-alone-in-my-shell vibe out of feelling awkward or unsure.

    I am not saying you do, but consider whether you act self-conscious. It is easy to unwittingly curl in that fetal position as Columbus said, but if you can remember that you really do care about others, you can meet them with interest and frankness. Friends and potential partners will be glad to find you.
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