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    Aug. 30, 2007
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    Question Purina Equine Junior?

    Can anyone tell me about this feed? The skinny youngster I just bought will be ready to introduce a concentrate soon, and the vet suggested a complete feed, and said using a feed for growing young horses wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Purina Equine Junior is a complete feed, and formulated for the youngsters. Unfortunately my choices are rather limited; I have Purina or Nutrena to choose from.

    Input on this feed would be much appreciated!
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    I guess stating that I avoid Purina like the plague isn't a very helpful answer. How old is said youngster? How skinny? What is he eating now?

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    Jun. 5, 2007
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    Well, back in the day I fed Purina Junior to my rescue Arab. He was 40" tall and a lice infested rack of bones at five months old when I "bought" him in November of 1999.

    The Junior feed did well by him and he was slick and sassy by that June. I also had him on Vitaflex Accel and Weight Builder.

    I like Nutrena feed too though, and for a long time had my Friesian on XTN.

    These days, I find the low NSC Triple Crown feed (Lo Starch) combined with soaked beet pulp and ground golden flax to do the trick. I still feed Vitaflex Accel.

    If I had a choice, I'd probably go with Nutrena, but both feed companies have been fine in my experience.

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    May. 10, 2001
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    The few times I've using Equine Jr, my babies ended up higher than a kite. Not a huge deal since they were mostly hanging out, but sheesh. I'd see if Nutrena has something a little less chocked full of sugar.

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    Given those choices, I'd choose Ultium Growth over the Jr. Better quality feed. Better growth feed than anything Nutrena has.

    Now, the other option is a ration balancer and a few pounds of beet pulp and/or alfalfa pellets. That IMHO is a better (healthier) option than either of the above, but it will end up being more $$ if you're feeding more than a couple pounds extra of stuff.

    So, if it were me and I only had your choices, I'd start with the Ultium Growth, work up to the recommended amount, and see how the weight goes. If she gains on that, keep her on that until she's in a good weight, then see how she maintains.
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    Not a Purina fan, but if I were in your shoes and choosing a Purina product for said situation, I'd go with Nature's Essentials 32 and add in hay pellets/cubes or beet pulp for extra calories. You'd be using a better quality product and creating your own "complete feed" essentially since most of your calories would be forage-based.

    I should add, we used Purina Junior a lot at a major vet hospital I worked at and no one really did great on it. Yet we kept feeding it... *shrug*
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