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    Dec. 29, 2012
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    My wrists had me kicking my feet like a kid in the dentist chair. My back actually felt good and put me to sleep. zzzzzzzz

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    I have 6 with a plan in the works for a 7th By FAR my most painful was my horse on my shoulder blade; 6 hours of near torture! I was SO close to crying "Uncle" and quitting before he was quite finished, but I was able to stand it.

    By FAR my easiest tattoo; like, I didn't even TWITCH through it, and it was a 2 1/2 sitting, was on the outside of my calf. I love to wear skirts and shorts and show it off! But mine's big; probably 8 inches long and 4 wide.

    My first tattoo was a "tramp stamp", and the 'love handle' part of it HURT like HECK! That was by far the most painful part of the tattoo, for sure.

    ETA: here is a link to all but my first one; it's the most "boring".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Megaladon View Post
    I tell you, the palm of the hand really, really smarts. Really smarts.

    Seriously. Yes. Yes it does. Imagine that feeling when you fall palms first onto gravel (if you've done so), and it burns/stings all the way to your elbow... plus someone holding your hand down and pulling your thumb and pinky opposite directions to stretch the skin all the way out. Gahhh I shudder just remembering it.
    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

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    Feb. 22, 2012


    I'm a permanent makeup artist(cosmetic tattooing), and I always use numbing anesthetics. You can order them from premier pigments in Texas, I think they are the most effective.One type is used 20 minutes before you start, and after the first pass you use another type for broken skin. You artist will need to reapply them
    throughout the procedure but you'll be a lot more comfortable! I like Tlc for initial numbing and then duracaine for broken skin. Call them and they will help you select it.

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    Sorry for typos-rode 20 miles today thru two state conservatories. I saw some huge Gators and a lovely water mocassion that didn't want to let us past him! Dog-tired but you guys get the idea about numbing anesthetics. There is no need to suffer, my eyeliner clients must be totally comfortable.

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    You couldn't pay me enough to do more work on my side once I finish my rib piece. I've had my spine done (whole lower back), my neck (back of neck on spine, large piece) and both arms as well as my ribs. Most pain I've ever felt, and I've felt some serious pain! Looks so good, and will look even better once its finally finished (its a very big piece), but man...ouch.

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