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    Jun. 10, 2001
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    Default What exactly do they do for an injured tail bone?

    During Hurricane Sandy, I fell on the bilco doors and injured my tail bone... it slowly seemed to be improving and now the pain is terrible again... and of course it's been a while since Hurricane Sandy. If I go to the Dr. is there anything they can do? Should I go see a Dr.? Is there something I should try myself?

    Today, it hurt so bad that I tried to fold my coat and sit on it. I did a quick google search and apparently donut pillows aren't ideal because you need the cut out spot in the back where your tail bone is.

    I was always under the impression that they get better on their own... it just takes time... I tried to ride a few weeks after I first did it and it just hurt to bad. I haven't had the opportunity to try again... but darn it when this weather gets better, I want to ride! Rainbows & Mourning Doves Blog
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    Broke mine over 20 years ago and despite all sorts of other injuries that one was the worst in terms of just plain ol' frustrating. I've broken ribs twice and that's worse b/c you just can't get comfy, can't breath, can't...well, anything... but the tail bone was literally arrange yourself on the pillow in the most comfy position you can manage and suck it up for 8 weeks. IDK what I did - nerve damage?? - but mine would occasionally act up for a couple of years after I did it. Best wishes to will heal...eventually. :-/

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    I broke mine about 4-5 years ago. It was months before I healed completely, but very now and then, the pain will creep back up. I just manage it with pain medication and rest.

    It's the worst pain imaginable. I feel for you!

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    I can't remember who makes it, but some of the catalogs carry a seat cushion that has a cut-out for your tailbone. Try the Magellan's or Travelsmith catalogs. I've broken mine 3 times - first time when I was four, and my uncle shook the 1940's slope-backed car I was sitting on and I slid down the trunk and my tailbone hit the trunk handle. The second time was as I was having my DD (tailbone healed all smushed inward when I was little, and my baby needed it out of the way to make her entrance into the world). The 3rd time was related to learning to snowboard; I recommend that all beginners to the sport wear crash shorts (they're like padded hockey pants).

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    Feb. 1, 2008
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    They inject it sometimes. It sounds like it's probably time to see a doctor!

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    35+ years ago, bronky horse bucked me off sky high and I landed on my posterior.

    I thought give it time, after a week, went to the Dr. that x-rayed and came back laughing "I just broke my tail bone and that was a bone he could not cast".

    It took a few weeks, but once healed, has been fine since.

    Yours may be displaced, go have it checked.
    Don't be surprised if they think it is funny.

    I don't know what they do for broken tailbones today, but I bet they still don't cast them.

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    Nov. 4, 2003
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    I've broken mine twice... YOWCH! First was when I was ice skating, tried an axle and didn't land on the blade Second was about 15 years later, when a gelding I was working for a friend didn't feel like going forward and, instead, chose up & down-repeatedly. No, I didn't make the 8 seconds.

    A donut to sit upon is your friend, along with Aleve. Took me a year to sit without pain after the second.
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    I bruised my tail bone and instead of resting it thoroughly I was still riding. It would start to feel better so I would ride/do whatever and then the pain would come back again and it was a vicious cycle because I just never gave it enough time to fully heal. Do make sure that you give it enough time and rest to heal to its best ability.

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    I dislocated mine some years back. It hasn't bothered me at all in years, but it did take a long time to get to that point. Dr.s gave me the donut pillow, which didn't work at all. I tried an old style "life jacket", and it worked like a charm.

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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    I bruised mine 2 summers ago. Thought I just landed on my ass hard, until I had to sit in a metal chair to play in the band, I just about passed out! Riding majorly sucked, I was definitely two pointing as much as possible. I even rode in a horse trials 2 weeks after bruising it... dressage was, erm, interesting.

    It seemed to take forever for the pain to go away completely, but I just took lots of Advil or Aleve and sucked it up.

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    Jan. 14, 2005
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    Mine is broken. Healed crooked. Hurts daily. Never thought about injecting it... Hmm.

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    Sep. 4, 2007
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    Go find out if it is broken or displaced, be prepared to be aggressive with doctors. Mine is displaced and has been for about 5 years now. If it is displaced, the earlier you get to a chiro or PT experienced in manipulating coccyx's the better. I thought I broke mine and just kept waiting for it to heal which it never has. Going to the chiro is the only thing that has helped.

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