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    Question Ford 6.2L gas engine reviews?

    Someone hit my 2006 F250 a couple weeks ago and it's been totalled. I am looking at replacement options and am trying to decide between a used 2011 6.7L diesel and a gas 6.2L.

    I'm towing a 2 horse gooseneck with dressing room, probably ~7500lbs fully loaded. I don't drive a lot of miles overall (6-7000 per year) so gas makes more sense, but does the new engine have enough "umph" to do the job easily? I've only had diesels so trying to decide which way to go.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I test drove a 2012 a friend bought recently .. testing with the same question in mind. My 1995 F-250 7.5L gas is going to need replacing one of these days and I also pull a 2H GN w/DR.

    I was not impressed while just driving the local roads .... up and down a few hills and a brief stretch on a highway. While the 6.2L gas might have the 'textbook' numbers to move a GN, I had the feeling that getting up any sort of hill was going to result in a major loss of speed. Not one of my favorite sensations when I am going through the center of Pennsylvania and trying to keep up Interstate speeds.

    I have also driven a 2010 F-250 6.7L diesel owned by another friend. Yes, the initial acceleration was slow compared to a gas, but once it was rolling, it held its speed with little fuss.

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    I would go gas rather than that particular Ford diesel engine...

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    Nov. 24, 2006


    We had to replace hubby's 6.2 gas at 140k. He was the only owner and truck has only ever pulled a light camper and a 2 horse trailer. I'm not impressed.

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