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    Jan. 20, 2008

    Default A Brag About My Pug. (aka, the best pug EVER)

    Really, she is. I love this darn little dog more than life itself. First of all, she is a Pug anomaly. Small, fit, well trained, loves to exercise. Couple that with the devotion of the breed to their human and it makes for one awesome little girl.

    Daisy Mae is approaching a year old now. She has been the light of my life during some darkness. She's trained herself to be a service dog. (After I figured out she was trying to tell me I was going to be sick before I actually got sick, I began a more formal training program.) Now she can get an emergency bag, get med bottles, pick up various items I drop. She alerts me when my pancreas is acting up before I am aware and will not leave me alone until I go take medicine. I don't know HOW she knows that, but I can't argue with her. Her latest is "get help". She barked for 15 minutes when I was sick and my husband was asleep. Never left my side in the bathroom. Never leaves me period when I am sick.

    My best little gal pal is always up for shopping and taking drives to see what pet stores we can find. And, yes, I am the crazy lady who brings her do to the store and restaurants. (For a legit reason, the service dog aspect.) But I do keep her in a purse bag and you'd never know she was there. (For places where Pugs may be frowned on, easier to just avoid the hassle even though they technically can't deny her because she is a service dog.)

    Anyway, I just had to share. I've been in bed all day sick and Daisy Mae hasn't left my side.
    Hope Blooming- Life with Chronic Pancreatitis

    My blog: Life with Pancreatitis

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    May. 5, 2006


    As the owner of an ancient Pug boy named Riley, I have to say that I LOVED reading about Daisy Mae!

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    Oct. 21, 1999
    Rochester, NY


    You are a lucky woman, and, I think, Daisy Mae is a lucky dog. I think it's wonderful that you two so obviously fit together. Your story made me feel good inside. I'm so glad, for both of you, that you found each other.
    Originally Posted by Alagirl
    We just love to shame poor people...when in reality, we are all just peasants.

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    Dec. 22, 2006


    I have such a soft spot for Puggies. We had a black pug female for 13 years and she was the most cheerful, bright dog with a great sense of humor. I'm glad you found such a great girl!

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    Mar. 9, 2006


    Pugs can be such great little dogs. Unlike so many of the small breeds, their primary job has always been companionship rather than vermin hunting. Your girl sounds like a dear.

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