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    Oh and just to add, from a 20y/o that just testified against her mother's fiancé/pastor at his murder trial. As a witness, youll be taken care of. I was kept basically under lock and key and escorted by troopers whenever I needed to go somewhere. They were very good at making sure the defense in no way intimidated me before I testified. Etc. basically it was an excellent experience despite the circumstances. If I had to do it again, I wouldnt change it.
    If you have concerns about testifying, talk with your courthouses witness/victim support. Ours was excellent. She explained everything really well and put me at ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHunterKid90 View Post
    Oh and just to add, from a 20y/o that just testified against her mother's fiancé/pastor at his murder trial.
    Go you TheHunterKid90. *tips head in respect*.

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    You just have to get your own lawyer. Have him/her review all of the facts and advise you of your legal rights and obligations. Simple. People here can advise you of what they think your moral obligation is but your post doesn't give sufficient facts for me to even do that. I do agree that lying under oath is really very bad and undermines our entire judicial system. Avoiding testifying, though, that is a legal question best presented to your own, well-informed local attorney.

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    I hoe that, unless OP furnished the alcohol to the driver in which case she needs t o hire a lawyer and claim her 5th amendment privilege on the stand, that OP will do the right thing and show up in court. And tell the truth.

    And for those of us who thought that mildot was back? Well, check out who was banned on this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by threedogpack View Post
    ^this. It usually takes over an hour to solve a crime and even longer to prove it.
    Most realistic depiction of cop work on a drama: Detroit 187 (which of course got cancelled, and yes, they don't use the "187" thing in Michigan but still) when they were talking about DNA evidence and how the state lab had a six-month backlog.

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