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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    They have electric self mower robots, like the ones that sweep and mop houses.
    You set them up, set the little control box on one end and they go back and forth mowing at set times and go back to dock to their recharging station.
    That's what I was going to suggest. They are quiet, and mow within a certain area. They even have ones with timers that will do it automatically.

    Or throw down wildflower seed on a large section, and just let it be a bunch of wildflowers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise View Post
    I have a confession to make. I'm scared of machines with gasoline engines. I know it's silly, I know it's even on the stupid side, but, my stomach just does flip flops all the time I'm navigating that riding mower. I mowed my lawn for a long time. Then, when the boys next door got big enough, I hired them to mow. Last Spring, the youngest moved out. I got a walk behind mower (I can deal with them much better), a good one, and started mowing the lawn again. I then developed sciatica from horsing that thing around the lawn. So, I have to do something about the lawn mowing this year.

    I have an acre lot. I don't believe in putting chemicals on my lawn, so it's not your typical suburban monotonous but weed free yard. About the back third is mowed about once a month, just to keep the woods from growing in. The rest gets mowed as needed. Around here, the mowing season runs from April through October.

    I contacted three services and I got my first quote back today, only to realize that I have no idea what is fair and what is not. This one quoted me $1,150 for the season, which made me gulp a bit and think about dealing with the sciatica again this year, but I'm not crazy about that idea. I have some questions about how often he will be mowing, etc., but I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of whether or not this is a fair price?

    Yes you need to ask how many cuts that is. You say back is only cut once a month and rest is cut "as needed" who decides it is needed? In Maryland our cutting season is the same, during Spring growing we can cut every 7 days, during summer back off to every ten, or not if customer waters. Your hiring them specify exactly how many times you want cut in a month. For an acre around here $75-80 per cut, but MD may be more expensive then where you are. Also depends on how much needs to be cut around(trees, beds etc.) as well as is it flat or hilly etc.
    Also find out if they are weed eating around those trees and beds as well for that price.
    "They spend 11 months stuggling to live, and 25 years trying to die" my farrier

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    You want to find out what kind of mower will be used (zero turns will be more expensive than walk-behinds and push mowers) and how much weed wacking is needed, and how often you want it mowed (most houses are once a week, sometimes twice a week.) Also, ask multiple companies, because everybody's price will vary, even if nothing else is different.

    Ps-I mow lawns professionally, and still get run away with occasionally, even with the push mowers, lol.
    "On the back of a horse I felt whole, complete, connected to that vital place in the center of me...and the chaos within me found balance."

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    My self-propelled mower has at times helped me back up the hill.

    When I had a flat lawn in Syracuse, I mowed it most of the time. But needed someone to do the job when we were away one summer. I called one from the local Pennysaver, agreed on the "professional mowing service" a fellow provided who didn't live too far away. Within 3 weeks, he had mowed once. I had mowed once in between when I arrived home and nothing had been done. Received a bill for the full month, showed up at his door on a Sunday morning, and handed him a check for the one visit he made, and said don't return. So, even those in the local Pennysaver aren't what they say they are sometimes...

    Agree with the Boy Scout idea.

    Also when the season begins, drive around your part of town, and see who is obviously working on someone else's lawn. Ask if they can include you in their schedule? Or even right now - ask guys who snowplow. Most of them around here do mowing in the summer!
    Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Malcolm Forbes

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    A family-owned and operated mowing service cuts my 2 acres for $80. It's done weekly. They run two 60" zero-turn mowers and one guy does weed-eater/blower clean up. They're here and gone in a hour.
    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
    John Adams

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    find a kid that wants to earn some money. talk to his parents and find out what kind of work ethic he has, and if he'll use your mower or his, who pays for gas, etc. my brother mowed lawns growing up, and he used the lawnmowers that others had for one price (I think $20 for a 1/2 acre yard) or used his own for $30 per yard.

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