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    Default Healthy Eating For The Picky Eater

    A good friend of mine and DH has recently asked for some help in eating healthier. He is overweight, nutritionally deprived, and really not happy with his body and health. He's taken the step of starting to see a nutritionist and begin exercising more, and DH and I offered to have him over for dinner once a week or so to cook together, have a good time, and teach him some healthy recipes.

    Friend pretty much only eats carbs, dairy, and meat. No veggies, no fruits, lunch is often Ramen noodles, and when he does cook, it's pasta dishes made with lots of cream, cheese, and fatty meats like sausage, etc.

    So now that I've gotten myself into this... how do you introduce new flavors and textures to someone who is super picky? I offered to make (baked) eggplant parm for dinner this week, but that got shot down. I thought that eggplant smothered in sauce and cheese was a pretty mild taste change, but I guess not! Other go-to dishes for DH and I are veggie tofu stir fry, grilled pork with a side of steamed veggies, and homemade soups like squash, black bean, etc. but I fear none of those will go over well!

    Any advice from people with picky kids/friends/spouses?
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    Stir fry with egg and chicken?

    Pork is a good lean meat. Lots of good crock pot bakes for that.

    As for veggies, he has to man up and try them. A few times.

    You can also introduce a lot of good stuff via a food processor where it's in the sauce.
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