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    Oct. 14, 2010

    Default Why is it so hard for someone selling a car to sell you a car?

    I've been trying to find a second car for the last month. This will sound like all of the horse buyer/seller rants, but why is it so hard for a seller to reply to an inquiry?

    For the last 4 days I've been screwing around with a guy who has a nice car for sale at a good price, good enough that I've put up with his crap for 4 days. I call, he can be there to show it before 4 pm. Try the next day - he doesn't show. Out of town, so a friend tries to call; no answer. I call, get through, but either he hangs up or we get cut off. No return call. Multiple calls by me, no return.

    Dude, I want to give you money for a car you've advertised for 5 days, WTH is your problem?

    I've been trying to think of the Craiglist scam where you list a car for sale, return a few calls, never show it, and don't take any money, but none make any sense.

    The only thing I can think is the guy had an foreign accent on the phone, maybe he doesn't want to deal with a woman? Any other plausible reasons for putting off a buyer ready to pay your asking price in cash?

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    Dec. 12, 2004


    My SO regularly buys flip cars off Craigslist. It's pretty par for the course to get maybe a 50% return rate, and only about another 25% of those returned emails are willing to meet up, and what not.

    His most recent one was only able to show the car on a Tuesday morning, two weeks in the future. Literally no other options.

    I think it boils down to laziness. Too lazy to return emails, return calls, actually get off their ass to show the car/horse/etc.

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    May. 17, 2010
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    Is it a decent price, or a REALLY amazing deal?
    Scammers usually want someone who is willing to put down cash without looking at a (sometimes non-existant) item; this may be accomplished by yanking you around until you are willing to pay without seeing it, just to get that amazing price.

    Another possibility is if it is a "must sell but don't want to" situation. Divorce, owing $$, or some reason they must put it up for sale to show they are "trying" to sell it, but really not wanting to go through with the sale.

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    Bremo Bluff, Virginia


    Funny story...Now.
    This fall, we decided we needed a third car...nothing fancy, just enough to take some of the day to day stuff off of the old truck that we wouldn't be able to replace right now. Found a nice suv, a little older, good shape, mileage was right, etc. Looked at it, loved it, offered the asking price...Car was well worth it and still under KBB.

    We asked them how they would like to be paid and they said check was fine. We were willing to go get cash, cashier's check, whatever. We paid with a check, 2 copies of a bill of sale, they signed title, we hit the dmv on the way home and had it transferred/ licensed within the hour.

    Guy texts my husband two weeks later to say the check has bounced. We don't get cell service where we live, so by the time DH is out and about, guy has texted 3 times saying we need to fix this, this is a felony, we have 12 hours from first text to bring him cash. By this time, it is after 1pm on a Saturday, DH calls him, tells him we are sorry, when the bank opens Monday we will cancel the check and get him a cashier's check. Guy insists on cash. We insist on Cashier's Check made to his wife since she was technically the one selling the car. We also tell him we have checked with our bank online and there has been no activity on that check, and we have spoken to the police (SIL) who assured us this is not a felony, only a civil matter.

    Monday, I go to the bank...There has been NO activity on that check and more than sufficient funds to cover it. I cancel the original check, get a Cashier's Check, get all of my reciepts and transaction statements, and write up a new bill of sale.

    When DH took them the CC, they tried to act all cute and apologetic, and they double checked that we had cancelled the original payment. I think they wanted to overwhelm and intimidate us into paying them twice.
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