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    You need a chiropractor that offers muscle stim therapy
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    I had a really bad bout of herniated discs about two years ago.

    I did the MD, chiro, acupuncture and massage. All helped a bit.

    My inversion table is the best for me, but I started using it a month after the onset.

    Love it Love it Love it. I have it set up where I have my computer and use it after sitting at my desk. Takes about 30 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pAin't_Misbehavin' View Post
    This only happened this weekend. Healing takes time, patience, and following the doctor's orders for more than a day or two. No, don't waste your money on the chiropractor. Just do what the real doctor told you to do and be patient.
    I'm sorry, but no way--the first time I screwed up my sciatica, I waited. All that happened was that I was in tons of pain and miserable. The chiro helped a ton. The second time it happened (on other side), I went to the chiro the next morning. The pain was so much less and the recovery was much shorter.

    Oh, and plenty of chiros are "real doctors" (MD's).
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    I herniated 3 disks in the Army. It took 13 months to get a medical discharge and I walked with a limp for nearly 18 months. All the Drs, pills and PT the Army did for me in that time didn't help the constant pain and frequent spasms. Less than 2 months with my chiropractor and my limp was gone. It took longer to get rid of all the pain, etc, but I've been fairly normal for 12 years now with only occasional adjustments. This after being crippled and told surgery was inevitable!

    Ive never tried acupuncture but I would if the chiropractor ever stopped being effective and way before I would ever go back to a conventional Dr.
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    I have no chiro experience, but I would recommend looking into acupuncture. That definitely works for back pain.
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    From what I can tell "chiros" are all over the map in terms of credentials, policies and effectiveness. I have had a number of them recommended to me for my neck and back pain, but all those recommending were seeing their chiro regularly and I couldnt see a great benefit! That, coupled with knowing of someone permanently damaged by a chiro has kept me away.

    My ortho doctor has, happily, not been anxious to dope me up or do surgery. He did offer a short course of muscle relaxers to stop the spasms, Celebrex for pain and a referral for physical therapy.
    I have found that PT is very different depending upon your practitioner. The first place I went did some ultrasound, traction and exercises and I did make progress. However, I couldnt get full relief. So my Dr recommended that I try a different PT. In addition to the other treatments, she does electro-stim and myofacial release massage. I feel she is finally unknotting me enough to get to the root of things.

    I hadnt thought about accupuncture. Might be worth adding in!

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    You are going to get very contradictory advice on this thread. Chiro works for some, but not for others (me being a no-go on the chiro side). Sciatica is a Pissed Off Nerve which is causing muscle spasm and much pain. The standard treatment is anti-inflammatory, pain and muscle spasm relievers, followed by PT usually. It takes time for the angry nerves and spasms to abate--take the muscle relaxers (you can halve them) and maybe half dose of the pain meds if that seems to be enough. You might also see a pain specialist. As another poster said, most back pain resolves itself in 3 months. I'd also suggest an MRI, due to the sudden nature of your pain--you might have a ruptured disc in there, which would require a different treatment plan.
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    Wow! Thanks for all the replies. Almost a week later and I feel almost 100% without the flexerill and ibuprophen! Thank God! By Thursday I didn't need the oxycodone any more. I ended up going to my doctor on Tuesday. He said these things take about a week to heal, gave me some exercises to do at home and also prescribed PT and massage which I still plan on doing. I still have some tightness in my lower back where the strain is. He did not recommend chiro because nothing is out of alignment, it's all muscle and nerve related.

    I was just so. freaked. out. Never had back pain or injury like that ever.The popping cracking sounds were just gross. I was more worried about not being able to work for a long time (which is not an option at all) if it didn't go away. I got lucky. Hopefully it stays away. Going back to work on Monday and will make sure I don't fill those muck buckets up too much. I am greatful for a wonderful boss, barn girls and my sister.

    I really feel for anyone who deals with sciatic pain and the muscle spasms for months or years. It's horrible! Hopefully it doesn't happen again. I still can't believe it happened over something so ridiculous. With all the heavy lifting, twisting,bending, go go go I do everyday!

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