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    After getting launched off several ponies as a kid doing stupid stuff, I slid off a pony while walking quietly around bareback. Just lost my balance and came off awkwardly...basically the most boring fall ever. I walked around for two weeks complaining of pain in my elbow but since I was still going riding and spending time out in the front yard doing cartwheels on a daily basis, my mum didn't think much of it.

    After two weeks, though, she took me to the doctor. I got an x-ray and they discovered a nice big crack right through my elbow. I was lucky that nothing had been displaced but the doctor told me I was very close to needing surgery if anything had shifted, especially doing so many cartwheels on a broken arm.

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    I have twice nominated my mother for this award!

    When I was 10 I got bucked off and my left hip went straight into a fence post. For the next while, my back hurt. I agitated about going to a doctor, etc. My mother, a rider herself (and, in her defense, parent to another child who has zero pain tolerance whatsoever, so she was well inured at this point to "Mom, it hurts!") said it was bruised. Fast forward to when I finally got some treatment some 8 years later after chronic back pain. At this point I have 2 herniated discs and scoliosis because the impact shoved my hip up and forward. I am now destined for back surgery!

    9th grade or so, I was playing soccer goalie in gym class. I saved a shot, but tripped over the ball. Foot hurt, but I thought I just needed to walk it off. Got back in the game, kicked the ball, foot really hurt. Okay, thought I, it is bruised. Walked half a mile into school and hobbled up the stairs to next class. My grandmother picked me up from school at that point and I borrowed her cell phone to call Mom and say I was not going to the barn, I wanted to go to the emergency room, I think I broke my foot. Verbatim: "No daughter of mine broke her foot tripping over a soccer ball. You bruised it." I told my grandmother no way I was riding that day, please take me home. Gram took me back home and stayed with me. Mom got home, examined the foot, was given an earful by my grandmother, and took me to Patient First, where it was determined that one of her daughters did indeed break her foot tripping over a soccer ball.

    (Mom was a serious athlete in college- captain of two teams that won division championships- which may explain her disbelief that she had given birth to someone as clumsy as I. )
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    Not a broken bone, but when I was in first grade I told my mom I couldn't see the blackboard in class. She didn't believe me because she thought that I just wanted to sit in the front of the class (not clear why that was supposed to be so great, but anyway). She held up something with huge letters and when I said I couldn't tell what said, scoffed "nobody could be that blind" and went on with her life. Not long after my teacher asked her to have my eyes examined, and it turned out I was well beyond legally blind without glasses.

    I made her feel horrible for days when I got my glasses and kept walking around in wonder saying things like "I can see leaves on the trees!" and "look, there are little rocks on the road!"

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    I wouldn't worry.

    I feel off the monkey bars and broke my arm at 5. My mother didn't think so, neither did a retired doctor who was there! They told me to quit whining and go play! After I dropped a kid playing piggy-back, they decided maybe it should get checked out...

    But a worse story is a time we went riding and my sister was about 3.5 or 4 years old. She was riding behind one of my parents with her arms around their waist. We did a canter and the horse bucked her off! She had broken both arms (green fractures) but the only realistic thing to do was to ride home. So we did...

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    Just recently, I found my son on the floor crying. We had not long been home and I had been in another room sweeping. I walked in thinking he was throwing a fit over the dog who was right next to him. Told him to get up he was fine. He stood up and I then watched his leg fall from underneath him. Scooped him up, he stopped crying I think nothing too serious, maybe something is just out of place. I load him up and drive him 30 minutes to the base ER to have things checked out. He was quiet the entire way down, again thing it can't be too serious, he's silent...
    They x-rayed turns out he had a spiral fracture to his left femur. I felt horrible that I had made him stand up. Still don't know for sure what he did, my best guess is that he jumped off the couch(something he'd never done) and tweaked it just the right way since he still had shoes on. The cast he had to be in sucked! Thank goodness it was only 4 weeks.

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    My youth group went to a winter weekend camp, one of the events was a cardboard and duct tape sled race. The (steep) downhill course was all ice to warm daytime temps, and ended with a 2.5ish foot jump. Our team was pretty smart in the physics department and made a sled that went a little too fast. I ended up with an ankle that hurt a little, hobbled off the run with an arm for support, sat me down and took off my boot while the boys took bets on my ankle. Everyone, including the onsite doctor guessed that it was a grade 2 sprain, and at the doctors 2 days later, it was a severe fracture of medial malleolus that should take 4-6 weeks to heal. Took 3.5 months to walk again.

    Not a kid, but my dad and his friend went running on New Years' a few years ago (not hungover though ), running across a creek, my dad slipped on a triangular rock, cut his leg open about 10 inches, skin flapping and everything. Friend held it together long enough to wrap a shirt around my dad's leg before hightailing it! Dad ended up walking towards the hospital (around 3-4 miles, about an hour) until he saw another friend driving. Starts hollering and waving, but friend keeps on driving... Made it to the hospital for 31 stitches.

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    I too could have been a solid runner up for the award with the accidentally awful parenting I've given my kids over the years. But in each of these stories, you as parents, or as kids whose parents delayed treatment for a serious injury, did so without malice or evil intent. Sigh...and then you run into the REAL contenders for worst parent of the year. Or the decade. :-(

    A couple of weeks ago, I felt compelled to pick up a kid walking along the highway with her dog.Turns out her dad was a passing sperm donor and her mom allowed her current BF to throw her out of the house at 14 because "she was mouthy"and mom didn't want to mess things up with her BF. (WTH?) She stayed with friends long enough to finish 9th grade and then hooked up with a group of travellers (a sub-culture I'm just learning about....)and she's been hopping trains and hitchhiking and making ends meet for herself and her little blue heeler ever since.

    (I'm a pretty good BS spotter and her story had enough details I knew to be true that she's legit).She said Mom texts her every once in a while "to see if I'm still OK". She's a smart, sweet girl....not hardened or bitter or drugged up... She's not a beggar or a whiner, but as you can imagine a young girl living on the streets has probably done a lot just to survive. She says her dog protects her when she's camping in the woods and has kept her from being robbed and raped. far.

    There's no attitude of "poor me, my life sucks", but a "this is the hand life dealt me so I'd better make the best of it" attitude....the kind of kid you want to do anything you can to help.

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread...just saying, hug your parents, or kids tonight and remember how precious a loving family is even when we screw up. Some kids really DO have the worst parents in the world.

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    Well, my daughter's senior prom is on Preakness day. I hope somebody gets some pictures for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurierace View Post
    Well, my daughter's senior prom is on Preakness day. I hope somebody gets some pictures for me!
    This will be me in a few years.

    I stabbed dd in the forehead with a metal pitchfork last week. She walked right into it and I was so relieved that I had missed her eye that it took me a few minutes to realize I better stop the blood flow before her dad walked in and totally freaked out.

    Her broken arm story came the day one of my homebreds was making his debut. She was 2 1/2 and tripped coming out of the paddock. She cried, but at that age she was constantly falling and crying so I wasn't too worried. We watched the race which he won easily and went in for the win picture by that time she's really crying and I'm thinking 15 min of crying is a bit excessive. I took her over to the track medic who said I better get her to the ER. Sure enough green stick fracture. So yes I made my toddler wait for he race and win picture before hauling her to the ER. The next day I ran four yearlings through our sale and she had to go with. I'm sure she wil get even with me some day.

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