I have an almost 5 year old (2008) County Innovation in the "bull leather" originally the lighter oakbark color ( I think). I've treated it exactly as directed by the rep and website. I ride in it 3-5 days a week, mostly indoors. I've noticed that over the last year, it has grown progressively lighter, especially in the cantle and the rear padded areas (I have 1" gussets to raise the rear portion). It is now a horrible blonde color there, and darker on the seat and flaps--a more normal shade.

When oiled, it simply WILL NOT take up oil. I had the rep out and she took photos and watched/helped me oil it with standard neatsfoot, after we gently cleaned it with glycerine saddle soap (exactly as I've done all along!). No difference. She sent the photos to the main office, but nothing happened. It wasn't in the right year to be part of a defective batch of leather....or so I was told....but clearly, there is something wrong with it. It looks sunbleached, but it hasn't been in the sun!

So..anyone else have this issue with County saddles? Have you heard of others having this issue? I need some additional ammo to take up the ladder to County USA management, as my rep is NOT helping me here.