6 y/o 16.1 bay TB gelding available to excellent home as a walk/trot horse or buddy horse. He loves trails and is husband/beginner safe. Clips, bathes, ties/cross-ties, and loads like a champ. Not spooky, great on trails. He is a low man on the totem pole in the pasture. He is sweet, intelligent and a perfect gentleman. He did not race, but does have papers.

He spent the last year learning to jump and after about a year, it was discovered that he likely has a very mild case of CVM (Wobblers Syndrome), or some other spinal trauma. My vet has taken neck xrays that, according to 2 vets (including a board-certified surgeon), show a narrowed/pinched spinal cord. For a myriad of reasons, I stopped chasing additional diagnosis at that discovery. My veterinarian has proclaimed him safe as a low level, non-jumping horse. I will fully disclose all medical records and give more detail to serious inquiries. Also the attending vet will be able to speak to any interested parties. I ride him regularly as a trail horse now.

I would prefer to maintain ownership and free lease him to somebody in the Southeast region that needs a sweet buddy horse and/or wants a reliable trail horse. I am willing to maintain some of his costs (farrier, vet, whatever). I would prefer he stays within 6 hours or so of Charleston, SC. I am planning to purchase horse property in the next few years, and would prefer to maintain ownership of this sweet guy so he can come home with me one day. I'm hoping to find someone who either wants a "spare/visitor" trail horse or even something to do very low level showing on. He has been to several shows and can continue to do low level dressage and hunter classes.

He does not trip or stumble around, at all. You would not know anything is wrong with him without having seen the xrays. He started to show some strange symptoms as my trainer and I asked more of him athletically and jumped higher. The vet is confident he only even showed the symptoms because we were progressing into more difficult work.

I love this horse and am not looking to unload him. I am looking to find him gainful employment with somebody that has use for him and safe place to keep him. He is not a difficult keeper, but is a young TB and eats about 6 lbs of feed per day and 4-5 flakes. He would be fine without grain if there was ample pasture 24/7, though. I will be happy to take him back if and when he needs to go.