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    Default Wolf Hunting with Horses and Dogs - Russia - 1910

    Some CotHers might want to move to another post - the dogs do bring down the wolves. For others, an interesting look back at another time and place.
    "No matter how well you perform there's always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it's lousy." - Laurence Olivier

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    Good grief. You have to sign in to prove you are above 18.

    The film itself looks like someone took it today & tried to make it look old.
    I liked the outfits & rigs at the beginning.

    poor wolfie.

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    Looks set up to me, hard to believe that a wolf couldn't lead dogs (even Borzoi) on a longer chase than that unless it was starving (possible). But what wolf runs out of brush (with human heads popping up behind him) INTO the face of a bunch of dogs and horsemen? 1910 version of canned hunt I think.
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    interesting....never heard of before. poor wolf.

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    Of course it's *fake*... any edited film is *fake* if you are going to be that way about it. The way I see it, is that it is a very interesting antique documentary of wolf hunting techniques in 1910 Russia. There isn't much point asking- "How did that cameraman get positioned on the far side of a plain and happen to have a wolf chased by dogs come straight to him!?"

    I was curious how the dogs would be released at the time of the chase- I would if the leashes were doubled back.

    Loved the troikas! Thanks for sharing Mike!

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    Oh goody. Don't give the warped minds in my state any ideas. We are on the cusp of allowing dogs to hunt wolves here in WI. So far wolves have killed 43 tracking/treeing dogs (bear) and they plan on using the same dogs for wolves. Do they have brain cells? Idiots! Makes me crazy to think about it. Thank goodness sight hounds won't work Too wooded. Stupid people. Argh!

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    I hear ya, sunridge! What a horrible idea. Nothing like a big dogfight in the woods, and then more bad publicity for wolves. If you want to hunt wolves, get off your arse and do the work yourself!

    Sorry, I didn't watch the video. I already watched one disturbing video posted on COTH today. That's my limit.

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