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    Default Favorite brushes for smaller hands?

    It's been decided for me (though I had also come to this conclusion!) that my brushes "suck." Time to replace them!

    I currently have a set of Tail Tamer brushes; I like the size of them, but I don't feel that they have really worn well. The grippy back is nice, but because it covers wood, they don't dry super-well after being washed, and some of the bristles warped and others have fallen out.

    I have tried the Oster brushes (had a full set at one point), but I gave them away because I dislike the size and the balance so much.

    I do have smaller hands, so many of the brushes that others love are just to big for me to use comfortably. So, what are your recommendations for brushes for smaller hands?
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    I use primarily the Salmon brand brushes that I think come from Hills. Someone else I this board probably knows more about that then I do. That said, I like the size and the fact that they have a strap also. I don't know if anyone sells them as a set. I sort of accumulated mine from several different tack stores a number of years ago, and they are wearing well.

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    No Question, VTO saddlery carries the best for little hands. They are a german brand. For kids they are kinder something. They have plastic coated backs. They are HAAS.

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    I have some smaller brushes by Winners Circle. I don't think they have worn exceptionally well, but not too badly either. I've had mine for over 2 years and they're going strong.

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    I have small hands. Also, though I'm usually pretty low maintenance, at some point in life I became a brush diva. Me and 99% of the brushes on the market don't agree with each other.

    The only hard brush I'll purchase is the mini-sized Beastie Brushes:

    I'm ridiculously hard to please when it comes to soft brushes, but the last one I found for sale that I like enough to use regularly is by Winner's Circle-- I think this might be it:

    I use pony-sized rubber curries. I also love this curry:
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    Well, I am definitely a walmart shopper here. Although I can see the other posters are NOT. lol...

    I favor the Decker brand all synthetic brushes. In the kids / child sizes. They last forever, come in all types of bristles & are easy to clean by putting them in the dishwasher.

    Hope this helps,

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    Just got the Equstra Sport small brushes for my little nephew. I have tiny hands and I was seriously considering stealing them.

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